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Bachelor's in Applied Physics Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Applied Physics

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH A MAJOR IN APPLIED PHYSICS – 70 hours at UC plus 32 hours at University of Kentucky 

The applied physics major is for students pursuing the dual-degree (3-2) engineering option and leads to two bachelor’s degrees. UC has a formal agreement with the University of Kentucky; however, other ABET-accredited engineering schools may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis. Engineering schools and individual branches of engineering require different core courses; applied physics majors are responsible for being familiar with these specific requirements. 

The curriculum nominally requires three years at UC and two years at UK; however, a variety of situations may affect this timeframe. UC recommends that students complete introductory engineering courses during the summer between UC and UK. Some engineering branches require additional (and maybe extensive) background in programming, chemistry, or biology that are beyond the required curriculum; thus, requiring more than five years. See pre-engineering curriculum for additional notes about general education requirements at UK. 
27 semester hours in physics: 
    Core (17 hours)   

    Theory (minimum 6 hours)     

Experiment (4 hours)   

21 semester hours in mathematics:   
    Mathematics (21 hours)

11 semester hours of support courses:   
    Chemistry (8 hours)  

    Programming (3 hours)   

32 semester hours in engineering: 
    Engineering at UK   

 No more than 12 hours at 100/200 levels 
Remaining 20 hours at 300/400 levels 

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Physics

Completion of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree plus a world language through the intermediate level.

General Education Requirements

For a full list of course offerings, visit our Academic Catalog page.