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A University of the Cumberlands theatre arts student adjusting stage lighting.


“All the world’s a stage,” as the oft-quoted line from Shakespeare goes. If this describes your purpose in life — to perform, act, pursue a dramatic career — then you should consider theatre arts college at University of the Cumberlands. Our theatre minor will give you a strong general foundation, including a fundamental understanding and appreciation of theatre performance, history, literature, design, and technology.


What is a Theatre Minor?

While studying theatre in college, you’ll take classes emphasizing both performance and technical aspects of drama and the performing arts, with courses in acting, stagecraft, scene/lighting design, makeup, and advanced acting. With two annual theatre productions in our state-of-the-art Kohn Theatre, you’ll have plenty of hands-on educational opportunities to explore your interests. And while the program for our performance and technical theater continues to grow in size and quality, it remains small enough for the well-trained and experienced faculty to provide the personal attention and training you need to thrive.

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Requirements for a Minor in Theatre Arts

REQUIREMENTS FOR A MINOR IN THEATRE ARTS–22 semester hours as follows: 

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Theatre Careers

If you've ever wondered what can you do with a theatre expertise, University of the Cumberlands has put together a sampling of theatre jobs you might be able to obtain.


As a graduate, and former theatre student at University of the Cumberlands, you’ll have the performance skills you need to pursue a career on the stage, television, movies and entertainment. The acting field is growing – projected to grow 32 percent by 20304. And actors are averaging $23.48 an hour.


Take your impact on the industry to the next level as a producer or director. The need for these positions is projected to grow 24 percent in the next decade, making an average of $79,000 across job titles.


Another direction you can take is in teaching – training tomorrow’s stars on the college stage. With a median annual salary of $79,640, employment of post-secondary teachers is projected to grow 12 percent over the next decade.


  • Entertainer
  • Performer
  • Actor
  • Voice-Over Artist
  • Comic
  • Community Theater Director
  • Television Producer
  • Thespian Professor
  • Associate Theatre Professor

"32 Percent" Projected Growth Rate for Actors and Entertainers by 20304

1Actors and Entertainers
2Producers and Directors
3Postsecondary Teachers

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What can I do with a Minor in Theatre? 

There are quite a few career paths you can consider with a theatre minor. As a UC theatre student, you will have the skills and experience to pursue graduate studies or a career in secondary education, technical theater, or performance. Theatre jobs can include:

  • Drama Teacher (with appropriate certification)
  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Performer or Entertainer

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Mission and Goals

As a theatre minor at University of the Cumberlands, the mission of the program is to provide students with a fundamental understanding and appreciation of theatre performance, history, literature, design and technology. Unlike many other theatre programs, which are singular in focus, this academic program emphasizes both performance and technical aspects of theatre with courses in acting, stagecraft, scene/lighting design, makeup and advanced acting. The theatre program from University of the Cumberlands also offers classes in stage management and arts administration for theatre arts students preparing for future careers in the expanding area of arts management. Two annual theatre productions offer theatre students hands-on educational opportunities in every aspect of production and expose theatre students to a variety of performance and dramatic styles.

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More Information on Theatre Arts Degree


Costs for programs of study at University of the Cumberlands are competitive and affordable. Click here to view tuition rates and fees. 


Click here to view University of the Cumberlands' accreditation information. 


Learn more about the amazing faculty for the Theatre Art Degree Faculty

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If you’ve been looking for colleges with theatre programs, University of the Cumberlands has a place for you on the set, behind the scenes, or on the stage. Whether you see yourself as an actor, a technician, or you haven’t quite decided yet, experience theatre to its fullest here at UC. Fill out the form on this page to get more information about our theatre program. Let’s talk about our test-optional college admissions process, scholarship opportunities, and more!

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