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Frequently Asked Questions

University of the Cumberlands has assembled answers to the most commonly asked questions for our online undergraduate degree programs.  If you have a question that you are unable to find an answer to on our website, please feel free to reach out to our admissions group for additional assistance via email or phone.

What is the best/easiest way to send official transcripts?

  • Electronic exchange using a transcript service.

What is the address/email address that I can send my official transcripts to for my online program?

  • The physical address is 649 S. 10th Street Suite D, Williamsburg, Kentucky 40769.
  • The email address is

What is the process for having my transcripts reviewed for transfer credit?

  • You can send copies of unofficial/official transcripts sent to your enrollment counselor or your admission counselor and they can send them to our registrar’s office for review.

How are clinical hours for the RN-BSN program handled?

  • The NRSOL 441 and 445 courses both contain 32 clinical hours each. They complete the hours in the town where they live. They can complete in the facility where they work but they must be in a different department and their direct supervisor for work cannot be there preceptor. Clinicals are not patient care related. They will do one 32 hour rotation dealing with community or population health and one 32 hour rotation of leadership clinical.

How many clinical hours are needed for the RN-BSN program?

  • 64 total

 How is student teaching handled for BS Ed programs?

  • Observation hours are completed at a school of their choice. Student teaching placements are scheduled through our director of student teaching, whom they will send their top 3 school choices to.

 How many hours are needed for student teaching for the BS Ed programs?

  • A student must student teach for 70 days during their final semester at UC. The student teaching class at UC is 12 credit hours.

 If I am an online student will I ever need to come to campus?

  • No, the only time you will need to come to campus is if you plan to walk in a graduation ceremony.

 Is there different tuition cost for out of state students doing a 100% online program?

  • No, our online tuition cost is the same.