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Online Bachelor's of Science in Gaming

Is gaming more than a recreational hobby for you? Are you considering a career in the gaming industry? Make the most of your aspirations with an online bachelor’s degree in gaming. A gaming degree can help you develop end-to-end expertise across game development, as well as an expanded understanding of the field in the context of its social and cultural impact.


What is a Bachelor's in Gaming 

A online bachelor’s degree in game development is an undergraduate degree that can prepare those interested in areas such as gamification, game design, and development to pursue entry into this evolving, growing field. This game design degree introduces learners to the fundamental concepts of gaming and how it has adapted to function as a socially conscious and educational pursuit.

As the field of gaming continues to be redefined by consumer audiences, a well-rounded understanding of the contemporary gaming industry at the intersection of creativity and technology is needed. The BS in gaming degree develops versatile creators who approach gaming through the lens of an ever-changing landscape.

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What careers can you do with a Bachelor's in Gaming?

For those aspiring to enter the gaming industry as a technical creative, there are many aspects of game design and development graduates can pursue as entry points to this broad job field. So, what kinds of careers could you pursue with a bachelor’s degree in gaming?

Is a Bachelor's in Gaming worth it?

Pursuing a degree in something you’re passionate about is an investment in your future, and earning a  gaming degree from University of the Cumberlands may be worthwhile for several reasons:

  • You could prepare for entry into the gaming industry. Technical roles such as software developer and game designer generally require a degree that can develop the technical skills needed for success in these roles.
  • You could boost your earnings and job security. A bachelor’s degree in software development or quality assurance testing can mean a more lucrative salary. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers and quality assurance testers could earn a median annual salary of $109,020.    
  • Earning a bachelor’s online can give you the flexibility you need. An online degree program lets you learn on your schedule while you prepare for the career you want—not to mention balance your education with your other commitments.
  • Utilize your newfound knowledge right away. Put your learning to work doing what you love before you even graduate. Your flexible online program lets you keep working and immediately apply insights gained in the classroom to the field.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

If you’re searching for a bachelor’s degree program that can help take your gaming career to the next level, look no further. Intended for those who aspire to gain entry into the gaming industry, this online bachelor’s degree in gaming can help you boost your credentials and accomplish your professional goals.

UC’s Online Bachelor of Science in Gaming Program will prepare you to:

  • Design video game concepts for diverse audiences
  • Apply the fundamentals of interactive/UX design
  • Understand the basic concepts of gamification
  • Create advanced multi-player game environments
  • Adapt games for a mobile platform

As the gaming landscape continues to grow with demand for gaming opportunities, a bachelor’s program could help you grow along with it. If you’re ready to enter the exciting gaming industry, we have the tools you need.

The curriculum for the online bachelor’s degree in gaming will engage you in key topics such as game development, interactive/UX design, key elements of gamification, gaming as a learning and simulation tool, and advanced multiplayer platforms.

The 120-credit gaming degree program requires 39 credit hours in core subjects such as web design, video game programming, and game development. A capstone project lets you apply your cumulative classroom education to a real-world scenario.

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