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Degree Requirements

As part of University of the Cumberlands' Bachelor's in General Studies degree online requirements, each student must complete at least 120 semester hours. 

Students will complete 27 credit hours through the General Studies core and concentration requirements:

Required General Studies Courses: (12 hours)

Concentration (15 hours, 9 or more hours must be 300 or 400 level) Students will select one from the following emphases:

Option 1: Business
Courses with a BADM or BACC prefix

Option 2: Health and Fitness
Courses with a ESS, HESS, or HLTH prefix

Option 3: Behavioral Sciences
Courses with a COUN, HLTH, HSRV, CRJS, or PSYC prefix

Option 4: Education
Courses with a EDUC, ELEM, IECE, or SPED prefix

Option 5: Information Science and Technology
Courses with a ITSS, ITSC, ITSM, or ITSI prefix

Option 6: Media Studies
Courses with a COMM, JOUR, or IDC prefix

Option 7: Christian Studies
Courses with a MSMN prefix

Option 8: Humanities and Social Sciences
Courses with a HIST, ENGL, SPAN, THRT, MUSC, MUED, ART, POLS, or SOCI prefix

Option 9: STEM
Courses with a BIOL, PHYS, CHEM, or MATH prefix

Option 10: Healthcare
Courses with a NUR or AHS prefix

General Education Requirements

For a full list of course offerings, visit our Academic Catalog page.