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Pre-Medicine Program

Those who aspire to medical school studies can lay the foundation for a lifelong career in medicine through a pre-medical degree. Pre-med schools can prepare you to take on the challenging roles across the natural sciences. Robust preparation in the sciences, particularly those relevant to the human body and its functions, is vital for success in entering and thriving in medical school. This is where a pre-med degree can be the difference in your future. 


What Is a Pre-Med Program/Degree?

So what is pre med at University of the Cumberlands? Our pre-medical degree program gives students a foundation for more specialized study in the field of medicine or within a wide range of natural science disciplines. The pre-med degree develops students in areas preferred by medical school programs, including the natural sciences, social studies and humanities. Though our biology and chemistry major tracks have traditionally offered successful routes to medical school, undergraduate students can pursue a pre-med major in any subject or academic area of interest as long as the required courses are completed.

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What Can You Do With a Pre-Med Degree?

Most of those who aspire to practice medicine launch their medical studies on a pre-med program, but this foundation can also equip graduates to go on to roles in the natural sciences. Whether you're interested in supervising other scientists or conducting your own research or applied projects as a chemist or material scientist, there is a wide career path where you can find a specialty you're passionate about.  

Graduates pursuing medical careers can take advantage of lucrative compensation for physician and surgeon roles. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these jobs can earn a median wage equal to or greater than $208,000 annually. This field is also projected to grow 3 percent through 2030, adding 24,800 jobs. 

For those with an interest in a natural science careers, the outlook for compensation and job field growth is also positive. Natural science managers can earn a median wage of $137,900 annually. Chemists and material scientists can earn an average wage of $79,760. Both fields are projected to grow at a faster-than-average growth rate of 6 percent through 2030. Career opportunities across medical and natural science fields can include:  

  • Primary Care Physician
  • Family Physician 
  • Natural Sciences Manager 
  • Laboratory Director 
  • Clinical Researcher 
  • Chemist 

Whatever you decide to pursue, these fields offer the opportunity to serve others in areas such as healthcare and manufacturing. There is also a variety of job settings to choose from, including operating rooms, clinical research laboratories and many more! 

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Is Pre-Med Worth It?

Earning a pre-med degree can bridge your undergraduate education with a specialized focus in advanced studies in your areas of interest, ultimately building momentum toward a rewarding career. Some potential benefits of pursuing your pre-med student at University of the Cumberlands include:

  • Expanded career opportunities. A well-rounded undergraduate degree can expand your opportunities, whether you hope to join the field immediately or continue on with your studies and take aim at a career down the road. 
  • Dedicated advisors. Our advisors offer expertise in guiding your biology or chemistry track learning goals, from understanding the courses required for degree completion to understanding the procedures and requirements necessary for a postbaccalaureate education in your field of interest. 
  • Meet your requirements. A pre-med degree could help you meet certain academic requirements for entry to medical school. Your pre-med courses can also better prepare you for success in advanced classes in your area of interest at the graduate level.  

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Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Whether you choose a chemistry degree or biology degree track for your pre-medicine program at University of the Cumberlands, we've got you covered with with advisors who can help in both disciplines.  Explore the pre-medicine program courses you might have the chance to engage in.

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Costs for programs of study at University of the Cumberlands are competitive and affordable. Click here to view tuition rates and fees.

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Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to this program, click here to view the undergraduate, on-campus admissions information. 

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