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University of the Cumberlands pre seminary students discussing the Bible.

Pre-Seminary Studies

Ready to answer the call to serve others through your Christian faith? Our pre-seminary studies program can give you the undergraduate preparation you need to pursue a fulfilling, professional vocation in the field of faith. Whether you aspire to teach religious studies or support mission efforts a world away, a degree with a pre-seminary emphasis can be the steppingstone you need to advance your studies and career in this rewarding field! 


What is Pre-Seminary?

This pre-seminary program prepares students to pursue advanced seminary studies with a well-rounded undergraduate education in English, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. Our pre-seminary program enriches general studies by putting an emphasis on seminary topics in areas such as theology, biblical interpretation, world religions and much more!  

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What Can You Do with a Pre-Seminary Degree?

A pre-seminary degree can prepare you to answer the call to serve in the Christian faith through your work within ministry. Your pre-seminary undergraduate education can equip you for leadership in faith communities, leading worship functions as well as youth and adult ministries, activities and education. 

According to the O*Net, ministers earn a median salary of $50,400 annually, and this field is expected to grow 4 to 6 percent over the next several years. If education is calling you, postsecondary teaching positions can earn $79,540 annually, and the job field for college professors and instructors is expected to grow by 9 percent—a much faster than average rate. 

  • Pastor
  • Minister
  • Director of Religious Activities and Education
  • Adult Ministries Director
  • Christian Education Director
  • Religious Education Coordinator
  • Religious Studies Professor
  • Ministry Instructor
  • Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies

Whether you aspire to serve your vocation in a church setting, classroom our across the globe on a mission trip, a pre-seminary degree can give you great fluidity in where you answer your call. 

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Is a Pre-Seminary Degree Worth It?

Earning a degree with a pre-seminary focus builds the foundational understanding needed to be successful as you advance your education in seminary studies to, ultimately, move down the road to a fulfilling and rewarding career. Benefits of pursuing your pre-seminary degree at University of the Cumberlands include:

  • Expanded career opportunities. A well-rounded undergraduate degree can expand your opportunities, whether you hope to join the field immediately or continue on with your studies and take aim at a career down the road. 
  • Dedicated advisors. Our advisors offer expertise guiding your seminary track learning goals—from understanding the courses required for degree completion to understanding the procedures and requirements necessary for a post baccalaureate education in your field of interest. 
  • Meet your requirements. A pre-seminary degree could help you meet certain academic requirements for entry to a professional seminary program. Your pre-seminary coursework can also better prepare you for success in advanced classes in your area of interest at the graduate level. 

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Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The curricula of our Department of Missions and Ministry provides several tracks to help you develop your interests in particular areas of ministry and religious vocation. We also recommend the following pre-seminary courses to help prepare you for seminary:

  • RELG 133 Church History
  • RELG 135 Old Testament Survey
  • RELG 136 New Testament Survey
  • RELG 234 Interpreting the Bible
  • RELG 236 Introduction to Theology
  • RELG 331 Advanced Study of the Old Testament
  • RELG 332 Advanced Study of the New Testament
  • RELG 339 World Religions

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Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to this program, click here to view the undergraduate, on-campus admissions information. 

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