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School Of Computer And Information Sciences

About The School Of Computer And Information Sciences  

The University of the Cumberland’s School of Computer and Information Sciences offers range of academic options to prepare you for the rapidly growing and changing field of information technology (IT). Degree programs at associate, bachelor, and master’s level that offer high quality teaching by outstanding and experienced faculty.

Our programs prepare students for either continued graduate education or for careers in business, industry, or government. Programs are designed to educate students whose technical knowledge and skills will not become rapidly outdated upon leaving the University. Course content focuses on the theory and application of computer science, developing our students’ ability to solve problems and to contribute through teamwork and exploiting the opportunities and solving the problems created by computing and networking technology through STEM designed programs.

The School of Computer and Information Sciences serves the communities to which we belong, locally, nationally, and internationally, with a deep commitment to ethics in the practice of our profession. We strive to provide a culturally diverse and intellectually stimulating environment for all students.

Why Study In The Field Of Computer And Information Sciences?

Computing has become the defining technology of our age. Technology is integral to modern culture and are the primary engine behind much of the world's economic growth. The field continues to evolve at an astonishing pace. Students in the School of Computer and Information Sciences are participating at over 300 internship and training placements.

One of the biggest issues driving the growth of the information technology field is the increasing need for security measures in light of increasing activity by computer hackers and related cyber-attacks that leak critical information. Individuals earning a degree through the School of Computer and Information Science at University of Cumberlands’ will be positioned to work for a variety of entities including computer companies, consulting firms and financial institutions by helping to maintain networks, keep clients up-to-date with security measures, and writing new software.

The outlook for pursuing a career in Information Technology (IT) has never been better. The computer and information sciences industry is in the midst of faster-than-average employment growth projected to last through 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. This translates into 3.9-4.4 million available jobs between 2014-2024.

Programs Of Study

In addition to a traditional on campus track, we also offer programs in a 100% online format that are structured for working professionals.