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Payment Plan Auto Enrollment

Cumberlands automated enrollment payment plan for students will allow students to better manage their educational expenses by spreading the costs throughout the semester. This plan is for students who do not make financial preparations for any given semester. Students who plan ahead and have satisfactory payment arrangements to cover their educational expenses in full will not be impacted. 

Tuition and fees are due at the start of each semester, otherwise any student account balance will be subject to auto enrollment in a payment plan.  The University reserves the right to auto-enroll any student who has not paid their balance in full at the conclusion of the add/drop period and charge a $50 enrollment fee* at the University’s discretion.  Payments will be due the 5th of each month for the current semester (for example – auto-enrollment date September 15th – due date October 5th) and if not kept current, a hold will be placed on the student’s account restricting registration and transcript access.  

A late payment plan fee of $50 will be charged if the installment payment is not received in full within five days of the payment due date. Additionally, in absence of satisfactory payment (i.e. – balance paid in full/covered in full by financial aid) or if the student account is or becomes delinquent, the University will place a hold restricting registration and transcript access. Please note, the University reserves the right to drop future term registration based on any unsatisfactory payment and/or missed payment(s).

*Not wanting to be auto-enrolled and charged a $50 enrollment fee?  Student account balance needs paid in full or enrolled in a payment plan of choice prior to the 3rd week of classes!

Payment Plan FAQ

Do I have to enroll in a payment plan?

If your balance is not paid in full by the start of classes, then yes.  Otherwise, you will be auto-enrolled into a plan.

How do I enroll in a payment plan?

Go to: and click on ‘payment plan enrollment.’  Then follow the prompts. (Important note – Prior to signing up for a payment plan, you must have scheduled courses for the current term’s tuition and fees to reflect on your student account).

What happens if I can’t pay by the 5th?

If you pay after the 10th of the month, you will be charged a $50 late fee.

Why did my payment plan amount increase for my last installments?

When you add classes (your account is charged), then the charges are added to your payment plan.  I.E. - If your account was charged $500 for an added course and you had 2 installments left, each installment would increase by $250.

I’m in a payment plan. Why do I have a Student Accounts hold?

If you do not pay your full installment amount on the 6th of each month, then a hold is placed on your account until your plan is brought current.  Once paid, it takes 1 hour for the hold to lift.

Why did my card get charged twice (or why were 2 installments paid)?

If you have a scheduled payment but go in and manually make a payment with the same card, the system will see your manual payment as an extra payment.  The system will take the extra payment as another installment payment (potentially closing your plan if you only had 2 payments left).

Why was I charged a payment plan late fee of $50?

You failed to pay your monthly installment in full on the 10th

How can I pay my monthly installment amount?

Go to and click on ‘make a payment & view statement.’ Then follow the prompts to make your payment, or come to our office to make payment.

Can you take my payment over the phone?

We are unable to take payment over the phone; it must be completed online or at our office.

I need to close (or change) my payment plan out; can you do that for me?

Once enrolled in payment plans, they close out once that amount is paid in full.  If you drop classes, the plan would close if you receive 100% refund and your balance is -0-.  University administrators are not able close them for you.

I’m trying to enroll in a payment plan, but it says that I’m already enrolled.

If you do not pay in full and close out your payment plan, it will remain open.  Prior balances must be paid in full, to enroll in a current payment plan.  Please email: if your prior balance is paid in full and the prior payment plan is still active.

Can I change the installment due date from the 5th?

No, the 5th is the due date for all payment plans.