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Payment Plans

Enroll in a Payment Plan

Payment plans are offered as a courtesy to UC students. Currently registered students are able to enroll in a plan which affords the option of spreading out payments, instead of paying all tuition/fees at the start of the semester. Students agree to pay their monthly installment by the 5th of each month, and acknowledge their account will be charged a $50 late fee if payment is processed after that date. We reserve the right to place a payment plan hold on any account where students consistently pay late and/or miss their scheduled payments. A payment plan hold will restrict students from being able to enroll in a payment plan in future terms; thereby making any outstanding tuition and fees due at the start of each semester. When accounts are not paid in full, a student account hold will be placed, which will restrict registration for current/future terms and prevent the ordering of transcripts.

* Students are not permitted to rollover balances from prior terms into a payment plan.

SPRING # Payments Enrollment Periods Due Date
  4 Dec. 15 - Dec. 31 January 5th * - April 5th 
  3 Dec. 15 - Jan. 31 February 5th - April 5th 
  2 Dec. 15 - Feb. 28 March 5th - April 5th 

SUMMER # Payments Enrollment Periods Due Date
  4 Apr. 21 - Apr. 30 May 5th* - August 5th 
  3 Apr. 21 - May 31 June 5th - August 5th 
  2 Apr. 21 - June 30 July 5th - August 5th 

FALL # Payments Enrollment Periods Due Date
  4 Aug. 12 - Aug. 31 September 5th* - December 5th 
  3 Aug. 12 - Sept. 30 October 5th - December 5th 
  2 Aug. 12 - Oct. 31 November 5th - December 5th 

* Due date without a plan 


Enroll in a Payment Plan


Payment Plan Tutorial