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CPT & OPT (Employment)


F-1 students have limited employment opportunities available to them.  Any and all employment opportunities must be reviewed and approved by the assigned support services office (Undergraduate: Office of Student Affairs) (Graduate: Department of International Student Services).            


UC offers limited employment opportunities for up to 20 hours per week during the academic year for undergraduate students only. Employment on-campus may be full-time in the summer (if summer is not your first or last semester of enrollment) and vacation periods. 


F-1 students cannot work off campus without permission from the Office of Student Affairs (undergraduate) or the Department of International Student Services (graduate).  Either office can help students navigate the CPT and OPT employment request processes. 


Prior to requesting shipment, make sure the I-20 that you are requesting has an "Issued" status.

I-20 Shipping Information (MyEduDocs – University of the Cumberlands)

1. To request shipment of your documents, go to the following secure website:

1. Login or Register an account. 

2. Add the desired document (I-20) to your cart and proceed to checkout. 

Once you request a document via MyEduDocs, you will receive email confirmation of your request. When your request is processed at the University, your MyEduDocs dashboard will reflect the status update and you will be sent an email update and be provided the UPS tracking number. From your dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, and edit your password and account details.

Note: We cannot provide soft-copies of your I-20 and we are not able to provide you with copies of your past I-20s.

IMPORTANT Shipping Information: The 1 or 2 day shipping timeline will begin ONLY when the shipment is processed and picked up by the carrier, not when the shipment request is placed.

***Shipments are only processed during business hours Monday-Friday.***

The types of off-campus work for F-1 students include:

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)