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This must be the place

Now You've Got to See This

This Must Be The Place - University of the Cumberlands


This is Your Place! 
Over the river and through the woods. This is one of Kentucky's most beautiful college campuses nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Having an interstate in the backyard isn't a bad deal either when you are looking for that weekend escape route. And, did we mention we are one of the most affordable colleges in Kentucky? 

Come take a campus tour, hang with our students and just take it all in. This must be the place. 


Want a little more out of your visit to campus? Then join us for Patriot Preview Day. Your and your family will be welcomed to a full day of activities and the best Cumberlands has to offer on Saturday, September 30. 


Join us on November 2, 2023 for our Financial Aid and Scholarships Night! This event will give you an opportunity to hear from Financial Aid and Admissions on FAFSA changes and scholarship opportunities at University of the Cumberlands. Families are welcome and dinner will be provided. Spots are limited so sign up now! 

FAFSA & Scholarships Night


Cumberlands grads make it graduation with less debt than their peers

No Hidden Fees. No Fine Print.

Let’s face it: choosing the right college is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider, especially when it comes to price. For most, finding a college that is financially affordable is a top priority. Most colleges are quick to tell you their tuition cost, but that is rarely reflective of the full cost of college. There’s also room and board. Laundry fees. Textbooks. Parking fees. Technology fees. Recreation fees. Need we go on? The good news: that isn’t the case at University of the Cumberlands. Our sticker price is what you pay, period. We believe you should be able to afford an education, learn in a quality academic setting, and have your needs put first, without all the fine print. That’s the Cumberlands Commitment.

Tuition – Books Included:
$9,875 per year

We want all students to know that with Cumberlands there is a clear and affordable path to a college degree.

- President Larry L. Cockrum

Apply now

Financial Aid  ★  Code 001962

  • Apply online. No application fee!
  • Send your high school transcript
  • Send your ACT 1510 or SAT 1145 scores or ask us about the test-optional application

(Test scores on transcripts are acceptable)

  • Financial Aid only awarded to accepted students
  • Complete your FAFSA at
  • Submit any additional forms required by the Department of Education or Cumberlands

Now You're Getting Somewhere. 

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