The Graduate School at University of the Cumberlands hosts a Virtual Research Symposium each year where alumni from the doctoral programs present the results of their research. The approach to this event is to allow Cumberlands alumni to share research, network, and grow their academic capabilities with presentation experience. In 2022, The Graduate School hosted 20 live presentations and three poster presentations. 


Amogh Tathe, PhD Business: The Impact of COVID-19 on the US Healthcare Industry

Amy West, PhD Leadership: The Impact of Women's College Education, focusing on the Shared Perspectives and Lived Experience of Some of the Retired or Former Faculty and Alumnae

Avanti Nagaraj, PhD Business: Digital Disruptive Innovations: A Study to Help Businesses Choose the Right Advertising Mode and Endorsement Partner Suitable for Their Product

Bobby Gaines, PhD Business: How an Options Trading Strategy can be Utilized to Hedge a Portfolio During Market Corrections

Byron (Derek) Cooper, PhD Leadership: Establishing an Ethical Leadership Development Baseline in Higher Education and Research IT: An Authentic Leadership, Ethical Climate, Psychological Capital, and Diversity Study

Derrick Proffitt, PhD Business: E-Commerce Retailing in the United States: The Relationship Between Customer Perceptions of Service Quality and Satisfaction

Hubert Schroer, EdD Educational Leadership: Digital Leadership in K-12 Education

Jacob Watson, PhD Business: Weather Impacts on Residential Electric Consumption in Kentucky

Joseph Bunch, PhD Leadership: Developing a School Psychology Leadership Practice Model: Empirical and Theoretical Considerations

Korey Bruck, PhD Leadership: First-Generation College Student Success, Persistence, and Graduation Rates: An Appalachian Perspective

Krista Mann, PhD Leadership: Anecdotes from Appalachia: Principals’ Perspectives on Key Performance Indicators for Improvement

Leslie Sizemore , PhD Leadership: Leadership Practices of State Occupational Therapy Associations and Member Engagement: Does State President Leadership Style Encourage Membership?

Lindsay Harman, PhD Counseling Education and Supervision: School Counselors’ Lived Experiences of Support Received During the RAMP Designation Process: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Lisa Splinter, PhD Counseling Education and Supervision: Student Dissertation Completion Experiences in Online CACREP-Accredited Counselor Education Programs: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Marcus Folkes , PhD Counseling Education and Supervision: Breaking the Cycle: Understanding the History of Mental Illness of African Americans the Generational Effect and its Minimization

Natashia Collins, PhD Counseling Education and Supervision: The Meaning of Role Strain: Voices of Parents in Doctoral Counselor Education and Supervision Programs

Robinson Sibe, PhD Information Technology: Lack of Forensic Resources in Nigerian Financial Crimes Agency

Shelley Coleman, PhD Counseling Education and Supervision: Exploring the Somatic Experience of Women Living with Coercive Control by a Domestic Partner: A Phenomenological Study

Sourav Mukherjee, PhD Information Technology: A Quantitative Study Using the UTAUT2 Model to Evaluate the Behavioral Intention to Use Telemedicine via IoT-enabled Devices by Older Adults in the Chicago Tri-state Region

Stephen Kibui, EdD Educational Leadership: The Relationship Between Ethical Leadership and Student Success in Community Colleges



Angela K Akeley, PhD Leadership: A Correlation Study of Student Discipline and Effective Leadership: Virginia Principals and Current Exclusionary Practices

Ana Figueroa, EdD Educational Leadership: How Mindset Influences Learning and Performance Among K-12 Teachers in East Central Florida

Joy Rich, EdD Educational Leadership: Recruitment & Retention of Minorities & Females into Apprenticeships