The Graduate School at University of the Cumberlands hosts a Virtual Research Symposium each year where alumni from the doctoral programs present the results of their research. The approach to this event is to allow Cumberlands alumni to share research, network, and grow their academic capabilities with presentation experience. In 2023, The Graduate School hosted 18 live presentations and two poster presentations. 



Michelle Preiksaitis, JD, Ph.D., Associate Faculty, Plaster School of Business (Keynote Speaker):Your Dissertation was the Beginning: What is Next

Ipatia Apostolides, Ph.D. in Leadership: The Leadership Style of Edmund Keeley - A Case Study

Jerome Alan Cohen, Ph.D.: The Rise of a Startup to its Billion Dollar Sale in 24 Months: A Case Study of Byte, a Company in the Clear Dental Aligner Industry

Jarvis Curry, Ph.D. in Business: Foreign Lead Actor and Other Determinants of United States Domestic Film Box Office

Clinton Elliott, Ph.D. in Leadership: Overcoming the Crisis of Self-censorship Through Transformational Leadership

Susan Fetcho, Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision: Black Students' Perceptions and Experience of White Faculty in an HBCU Counselor Education Program

Mary Fye, Ph.D. in Leadership: The Role of ADHD in Teacher Burnout

David Holcomb, Ph.D. in Information Technology: A Phenomenological Study Exploring Remote Workers’ Use of Technology to Replace the In-office Experience

Kevin Knutson, Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision: It’s Really Hard”: An IPA Study on Understanding the Personal Impact of Gatekeeping Master’s Counseling Students on Counseling Educator and Supervisors

Mariah LeFeber, Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision: Dance/Movement Therapy Supervision: A Delphi Study

Christina Leshko, Ph.D. in Leadership: Building Inclusive Campuses - Examining the Effects of Instructor Leadership Behaviors on Student Belonging in Higher Education

Adam Penrose, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership: Dance/Movement Therapy Supervision: A Delphi Study

Daniel Ricketts, Ph.D. in Leadership: Church History - Andragogy and Learning in the Church

David Saulsbury, Ph.D. in Business: Influence of ESG Ratings on Company Value

William Sharp, Ph.D. in Leadership: Servant Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations

Reyna Smith, Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision: Exploring Black College Students' Lived Experiences Receiving Services Within University Counseling Centers at Predominantly White Institutions

Stanley Ukah, Ph.D. in Information Technology: Analyzing the Issue of Information Security in Cloud Applications and its Integration in Software Development 

Stephen Wodzinski, Ph.D. in Counseling Education and Supervision: Chronic Pain and Mental Health Counselor Education



Burke Wallace, Ph.D. in Leadership: Views on Administrative Leadership in Remote K-12 School Settings

Elaine Wiedemer, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership: A Comparison of Online Learning Modalities During the COVID-19 Pandemic