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DPT 820 Psychosocial Considerations in Health Care

This course is designed to develop the student physical therapist’s understanding of psychosocial considerations that may impact their patient’s health, experiences in health care systems, and physical therapy outcomes. Evidence-informed strategies for understanding and facilitating adaptations to illness and disability across the lifespan are introduced. Psychological conditions commonly observed in physical therapy practice will be introduced, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicide with emphasis on screening, referral, and strategies to modify PT interventions and communication to optimize patient outcomes. Students will expand their communication skills through learning and applying principles of motivational interviewing, compassion, empathy, and mindfulness for cultivating therapeutic partnerships with patients in a variety of healthcare settings. Physical therapy students will consider ways in which they may increase social wellbeing and have a positive influence on their community.

Prerequisite: 710,741,713,712,742,718,750,730,743,734,744,737,736,740,719