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DPT 931 Management and Leadership in Physical Therapy

Provides an overview of practice management fundamentals. Students gain knowledge of health care management, organizational structures, leadership, strategic planning, human resources, finance and fiscal management, and health services research as they relate to physical therapy practice and impact the patient experience. Students are exposed to the application of general business principles including payer relationships, diagnostic coding, and current procedural terminology. The course underscores the issues of professionalism, leadership, management, and advocacy to foster excellence in physical therapist practice for the benefit of society. Current professional topics that affect delivery of healthcare are introduced and how to advocate for the profession and healthcare needs of society through legislative processes will be included. Advocacy skills will be practiced with participation in lobbying efforts and a mock House of Delegates.

Prerequisite: 710,741,713,712,742,718,750,730,743,734,744,737,736,740,719,820,843,811,834,823,818,810,841,851,832,842,844,821,880,813,812