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DPT 932 Professional Formation 3

This course is a continuation of student professional development. Clinical education will be examined from the perspective of career development and physical therapy board examination preparation. Career development and lifelong learning opportunities explored include continuing education, certification as a clinical specialist, graduate school, pro bono and community service, and participation in the American Physical Therapy Association. Students are guided in preparing a personal professional development plan and a vision and mission statement. Students are encouraged to reflect upon their professional development to date and recognize the opportunities and professional duties for moving from novice to expert practitioner in the future. Students are expected to demonstrate competency on an exit examination based upon FSBPT Content Outline and an e-portfolio. The completed e-Portfolio includes the students philosophy statement, CV, capstone project, reflections-for-action on development of professional behavior, professional engagement, clinical decision making, and professional goals. Life-long learning and the responsibilities/ opportunities of assuming the role of program alumnus related to professional development and the University of Cumberlands mission are emphasized. Students will also actively participate in a board review course to prepare for the NPTE.

Prerequisite: 710,741,713,712,742,718,750,730,743,734,744,737,736,740,719,820,843,811,834,823,818,810,841,851,832,842,844,821,880,813,812