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DSRT930. Dissertation

These courses are an independent application of research, design, and methodology that leads to the completion of an original research study under the guidance of the student’s Dissertation Director. Subject to the final approval of the Dissertation Director and evaluators, the degree candidate writes the dissertation and prepares for its oral defense. DSRT 930 and 931 are taken consecutively for 3 credits each. Prerequisites: all coursework, including those in the content specialty area, needs to be completed; Comprehensive exams need to be successfully passed; and IRB approval must be secured. Advisor approval is also necessary to register for the 930 sequence; if the dissertation is not completed at the end of DSRT 931, the candidate enrolls in DSRT 932 as needed, for 3 credit hours each term, until the dissertation is completed and defended. Prerequisites: satisfactory completion of all program course work and passage of the Comprehensive Examinations.