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ELEM430. Classroom Management & Behavior

Classroom Management and Instruction This course serves as the professional education capstone experience. Candidates will analyze the scope, functions, and types of elementary and middle school education. Research-based practices in content specific subject areas are studied through lecture, cooperative group work, independent study, technologies, case studies and simulations. Candidates are required to spend time with public school content area teachers to engage in coursework and pedagogical practice in an effort to develop, practice, implement, assess and reflect teaching strategies and skills. Candidates will identify curriculum issues, disaggregate and analyze classroom, district, anecdotal, personal and school data in an effort to realize and understand the impact of current instructional and reform initiatives in the P-12 school environment. Candidates utilize conceptual, strategic, evaluative and communicative knowledge as they prepare to help all students learn and close the achievement gap. The Kentucky and University Teacher Standards and Unbridled Learning are an integral part of the course content. Field experience required. Prerequisite: Formal admission to Teacher Education program. Credit, 3 hours. Offered Fall and Spring semesters. Field experience required.