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ELEM491. Supervised Student Teaching:P-5

Actual classroom teaching under the supervision of a cooperating teacher(s) of the same areas or levels as required for certification. Teacher candidates will participate and refine skills in all areas of teaching such as lesson planning and implementation, assessment and analysis, management and problem solving for the best interest of the students. Reflective conferences are held with the Cooperating Teacher, University Coordinator, and the Teacher Candidate. Seminars to further professional skills are conducted at appropriate times during the semester. (ELEMOL 491 is taken for six (6) hours credit if SPED 499 is taken during the same semester.) ELEMOL 430, ELMOL 430 or EDOL 432 with a C or better, Application to Student Teaching Credit, 12 hours. Offered Fall and Spring semesters. Fee required. SPOL 233. Survey of Individuals with Exceptionalities (P-12) This course, required for all students pursuing teacher certification, is an overview of learners with exceptionalities and is required for all education majors and serves as a pre-requisite for all other special education courses. Emphasis is on characteristic analysis, understanding, identification, and prioritization of educational practices, learning environments, instruction strategies, and accommodations for learners with disabilities. Credit, 3 hours. Offered Fall and Spring semesters. Field experience required.