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Executive Master’s in Data Science at University of the Cumberlands

Executive Master’s in Data Science

Ready to take your data science career to new heights? Consider earning an executive master’s in data science to further your exploration of the rapidly expanding data science field. New information is constantly being created and collected, and data science professionals must be prepared to evolve with the industry, build the skills to lead organizations into the future and address new challenges in areas like statistical analysis and data integration.

What Is It?

An executive master’s in data science online program is a graduate degree that builds on what you learned in your bachelor’s degree program and data science career. The hybrid program often attracts data science professionals with several years of experience as it offers them the chance to explore a new direction in the field, build career-specific skills, or prepare for potential leadership opportunities. 

As the data science field expands, businesses may seek experts with the advanced capability to extract knowledge from large data sets to gain insights in a wide array of disciplines. In addition, there’s increased demand for professionals with skills in information visualization, data integration, graphic design, and communication. Earning your executive master’s in data science could be one way to stand out from the competition and gain an edge in your career.

UC’s Master of Science in Data Science online degree program will prepare you to:

  • Format data for analysis
  • Determine the algorithm used for the analysis
  • Process the data
  • Create a plan of action based on the analysis
  • Present the results in an easy-to-understand format

Why University of the Cumberlands Data Science Program?

This hybrid program allows students to put themselves ahead in this career field. As the use of data science expands, businesses may seek experts with advanced knowledge of data science and its applications in computer sciences, business and other industries. Many organizations prefer to hire data science professionals who hold a graduate degree.

The Executive Master of Science in Data Science from University of the Cumberlands offers the statistical, computer science, and data integration insights you need to prepare for exciting employment opportunities in virtually every sector of the economy. 

Hybrid Degree Options for Data Science

The hybrid format executive master’s in data science is a variation of our fully online program that includes a mandatory three-day weekend residency session each semester. It’s ideal for working professionals who want a program that works with their busy schedule but isn't completely online. The executive data science master’s program would also work for an international student with an F1 visa and a CPT/OPT component to their degree.

The 31-credit program requires 27 credit hours in core subjects such as Statistics for Data Science, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing and four credit hours for both theory and practicum Capstone courses.

Classes are scheduled in two eight-week sessions and 16-week sessions during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Full-time degree candidates typically take one or two classes per bi-term, a total of 6-9 hours per semester. With the recommended course rotation, a full-time student could complete the program in 12 months (three semesters). 

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Career Outcomes

As the data science landscape continues to grow in new directions, a master’s program could help you grow along with it. If you’re ready to achieve more in the data science field, we’re here to help you plan your next steps. A background in data science can lead to lucrative and cutting-edge career paths such as the following:

Residency & Class Attendance Policy
Residency weekend sessions are mandatory. You must attend each session in full to receive credit. If you miss any part of the session, you will be counted absent for the entire session. No exceptions. If you miss a single class session, you may make it up at the end of the semester and be required to pay a make-up fee. Missing more than one residency session will result in dismissal from the University.

Explore your leadership potential in business and computer sciences with your Executive Master of Science in Data Science. To learn more about any of our executive programs call 855.791.7201 or simply fill out the form below for more information.


Costs for programs of study at University of the Cumberlands are competitive and affordable. Click here to view tuition rates and fees. 

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