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Master of Business Administration Degree Requirements

The Online MBA degree program is designed to provide a practical professional development opportunity for individuals already engaged in full-time careers. This MBA degree in Kentucky is also available as an online program and will work to prepare you to embark upon and continue successful careers in business, government and education.

Core Courses – 21 Credit Hours Required

* All candidates completing the Master of Business Administration degree will complete a written Comprehensive Examination at or near the completion of BADM 638, Strategic Decision-Making. Degree candidates must pass all sections of the comprehensive examination to complete the program.

Business Electives – 9 Credit Hours Required

Elective Requirement (9 hours). Nine hours are earned through the completion of any available 500-or 600-level business electives or as approved by MBA Program Director.

Example courses: 

Applied Learning Practicum – 1 Credit Hour Required*

This course provides students enrolled in an eligible master’s program to participate in an applied learning practicum that is an integral part of an established curriculum. This allows for the opportunity to apply essential professional applications to their respective academic coursework. 

Content Concentration - 15 hours

Fifteen hours are earned in courses in one of these Concentrations
Project Management
Strategic Management 
Healthcare Administration 

Content concentrations are taken in place of the Business Electives detailed above.