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Online Master's in Cyber-Engineering

There isn’t an industry in the world that is immune to cyber threats. From banking and retail commerce to entertainment, law enforcement and even federal elections, bad actors in cyberspace are looking for every opportunity to commit fraud and crime. Professional cyber-engineers with up-to-date skills, a comprehensive education and relevant credentials are needed to defend networks and systems from attack. At University of the Cumberlands, we’re taking steps to help develop the professionals needed to combat cybercrime, from identifying threats to implementing the solutions that will stop those threats in their tracks. 

The Master of Science in Cyber-Engineering (MSCE) program at University of the Cumberlands combines multiple disciplines to give you the technical skills and insights needed to analyze and solve complex computing problems and maintain secure operations in an age of cyber risk. Curriculum for this program dives into principles of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science. By developing your critical thinking skills and providing a master-level of industry knowledge through virtual lab exercises, application activities and research, upon graduation you’ll know what it takes to:

  • Understand the role policy plays in engineering secure systems
  • Examine the role assurance plays in security, in the development, design and deployment of software and hardware products
  • Evaluate trusted systems and implement designs into secure systems
  • Provide solutions to secure network and protect infrastructures from cyber threats
  • Assess security systems using the principles of network forensics


Costs for programs of study at University of the Cumberlands are competitive and affordable. Click here to view tuition rates and fees. 

Take the next step—learn what it takes to secure networks and protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats with your Master of Science in Cyber-Engineering. To learn more about any of our IT programs, contact us today.


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