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Master of Strategic Management Degree Requirements

This master’s degree program in Strategic Management is comprised of 30 required credit hours with courses delivered in an 8-week bi-term format and in a 16 week main course residency format. Each course is three semester credit-hours and aligned with the program’s goals. An outline of the Program of Studies for the Master of Science in Strategic Management is provided below:

Core Courses – 30 Credit Hours Required

BACC/BAOL 532 Strategic Management Accounting
BADM/BUOL 532 Organizational Behavior
BADM/BUOL 537 Legal, Ethical, and Social Environment
BADM/BUOL 624 Competitive Strategy
BADM/BUOL 625 Mergers and Acquisitions
BADM/BUOL 626 Management Consulting
BADM/BUOL 631 Managing in a Global Environment
BADM/BUOL 632 Advanced HR Management
BADM/BUOL 645 Strategic Leadership
BADM/BUOL 648 Strategic Management (Capstone)

  * All candidates completing the Master of Science in Strategic Management degree will complete a written Comprehensive Examination at or near the completion of BADM/BUOL 648, Strategic Management (Capstone). Degree candidates must pass all sections of the comprehensive examination to complete the program.