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PhD in Leadership Degree Requirements

The PhD track in leadership is generally seen as more theory and research intensive than a practitioner’s degree such as an EdD; students pursuing the PhD in leadership must complete the curriculum established for the EdD in educational leadership plus six additional hours distributed as follows: one graduate course in which leadership theories and concepts in a non-academic environment is a central theme and one course in which non-academic statistics or research methods is the focus. The PhD in leadership, therefore, requires a minimum of 66 hours beyond the master’s degree. Although a PhD student may pursue applied research as a dissertation topic, it is expected that an approved dissertation will be built upon a more thorough theoretical foundation than a similar project that culminates in an EdD dissertation.

Leadership Core Courses – 30 Credit Hours Required

  • The Politics of Organizational Decision-Making
  • Program Planning and Assessment
  • Leadership in Theory and Practice
  • The Change Process
  • Higher Education in America
  • Learning in Adulthood
  • Teaching and Learning Online
  • Grant Writing and Proposal Development
  • Leadership in Historical Context

Professional Research - 18 Credit Hours Required

  • Inferential Statistics in Decision-making
  • Dissertation Seminar
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Dissertation

Specialty Area Content - 18 Credit Hours Required


  • Specialized Studies in Accounting, Bus. Administration and Marketing Education
  • Research and Report Writing
  • Advanced Educational Applications
  • Approved electives

Criminal Justice

  • Foundations in Justice Administration
  • Criminological Theories in Justice Administration
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Justice Administration
  • Administrative Law and Management
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Corrections Administration
  • Critical Issues in Community-Based Corrections
  • Approved electives


  • Studies in British Literature
  • Studies in Modern Literature
  • Practice of Creative Writing
  • Approved electives

Health Science

  • Applied Nutrition
  • Health and Fitness Psychology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Testing and Prescription
  • Foundations of Physical Activity in Health Promotion
  • Coaching and Fitness Leadership.
  • Health Promotion through Physical Activity
  • Advanced Coaching and Fitness Leadership
  • Current Issues in Health Promotion
  • Current Issues in Coaching and Fitness Leadership.
  • Strength and Conditioning.
  • Youth Health and Fitness
  • Supplementation for Health and Human Performance
  • Applied Sports Medicine
  • Administrative and Management Strategies
  • Special Topics


  • Selected Topics
  • Approved electives

Information Systems (IS)

  • Access Control
  • Telecommunications and Network Security
  • Information Security and Risk Management
  • Application Security
  • Security Architecture and Design
  • Operations Security
  • Legal Regulations, Compliance, and Investigation
  • Physical Security
  •  Special Topics, with the approval of the Program Director
  • Special Topics may substitute for one required course in the program
  • Approved electives


  • Topics in Math
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Real Analysis I
  • Approved electives


  • Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Issues in Advanced Practice
  • Epidemiology
  • Healthcare Technologies and Informatics in Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Advanced Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice
  • Advanced Pharmacology
  • Advanced Health Assessment
  • Advanced Pathophysiology
  • Advanced Practice I
  • Advanced Practice II
  • Advanced Practice III
  • Advanced Practice Internship


  • Psychology of Religion
  • History and Systems in Psychology
  • Special Topics
  • Approved electives


  • Christian Education
  • The Church and Contemporary Culture
  • Ministry Project
  • Approved electives must include one of the following courses:
    • Focused Study of the Old Testament
    • Focused Study of the New Testament
    • Church Administration
    • Planting High Impact Churches

Student Personnel Services

  • Advanced Human Behavior
  • Higher Education and Student Personnel Services
  • Higher Education Enrollment Management
  • Higher Education Law and Policy in Student Services
  • Marketing Management
  • Counseling Theories & Techniques I
  • Counseling During Grief and Crisis

For a full list of course offerings or more program specific information, visit our Academic Catalog page.