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PhD in Leadership Studies Dissertation Topics

The following dissertations were successfully defended by students in our PhD in Leadership Studies program:

Adell, Robbie - Principal Mentoring in Western North Carolina:  An Investigation Of The Existence Of A Relationship Between Participation In A Mentoring Program And The Years Of Service Of A Mentored Principal

Albertson, Sabra - Sustainability Of Math Learning Strategies Developed During Math Recovery Intervention Lessons

Alexander, Heather - Relationships Between Leadership Styles And Self-Efficacy Among Public School Principals Employed In Western North Carolina

Alford, Kenneth - Views Of Normative Professional Conduct In Kentucky Higher Education

Allen, Deborah - An Examination Of Inclusion In A Rural, Public Middle School In Tennessee

Amchin, Deb - The Effect Of Building Assessment Coordination Tasks On Elementary Counselors’ Ability To Provide Test Anxiety Reduction Curriculum To Third Graders

Anderson, Aaron - High School Course Taking Patterns And Achievement In Mathematics

Antisdel, Noah - A Case Study On The Impact Of University Business Decisions On Nontraditional And Online Student Persistence

Bailey, Mitch - Examining The Effectiveness Of Instructional Coaching Through The Implementation Of Reading First In Southeastern Kentucky Schools

Bailey-Perdue, Shana - Career And Technical Education Students Transition Rate Success In Appalachian Kentucky Schools

Baker, Almaria - Teacher Perceptions Of Early Childhood Assessment In An Urban School District

Baker, Diana - Teacher Perceptions Of Efficacy Teaching ELL Students In Mainstream Classrooms In Selected Appalachian Kentucky Districts

Baugh, Mary - An exploration Of Digital Literacy Practices In Kentucky

Bennett, Doug - Impact Of Combining Key Principles From Instruction And Technology To Computer Assisted Learning Design

Bergantz, Letitia - Kind And Level Of Motivation Among Paramedic Students In Two Community Colleges In Alabama;  An Application Of Maslow's Deficiency Motivation In Program Selection

Betsworth, Heather - Measuring The Technological Creativity Of Kentucky Teachers: A Comparison Between Educational Sectors

Bogale, Nasser - Job Satisfaction, Career Departure, And Mobility Intentions Among School Principals In Southern Ethiopia

Bohman-Rigsby, Amy - Teacher Experience And Student Achievement:  A Correlational Study

Bolander, Jennifer-The Impact Of Leadership On Teacher Efficacy In Collaborative And Inclusive Classrooms

Bolton, Nathan - Examining The Availability Of Ministries For People With Autism Within The Kentucky Southern Baptist Convention

Bonzo-Sims, Laura - Effectiveness Of Mathematics Interventions On Closing The College And Career Readiness Gap In An Urban Kentucky School District

Booker Jr., John - A Causal-Comparative Analysis Of Different Leadership Styles Of NAIA College Football Coaches

Bowlin, Gina - Religion And Social Work:  A Causal-Comparative Study Of Faculty Perception Regarding Belief Systems And Compatibility With Professional Social Work

Bowling, Joyce - Teachers' Perceptions Of Classroom Websites And Their Effect On Parental Involvement

Boyle, Shawn - Social studies and reading scores:  an administrative concern

Boyle, Tucker - The Inaugural Leadership Styles Of Joseph Smith

Brahim, Naomi - Relationship Building With Adult Staff A Component Of College Readiness Among Middle School Students

Brent, Matthew - An Analysis Of Student Government Association Leadership And Academic Achievement In The Commonwealth of Virginia

Brewer, Melanie - An Analysis Of The Reliability Of A Field Experience Evaluation For A Christian College In Kentucky

Briggs-Jackson, Darcy - A Causal-Comparative Study Of The Preferred Leadership Style Of Employees And Supervisors In The Work-Study Program In A Rocky Mountain Region Community College Setting

Brumbaugh, Dustin - Teacher Dispositions And Student Achievement:  A Correlational Study

Burke, LaWanda - Attaining The Degree: Effective Supports For Educating Undergraduate Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Byrd, Joni - Standardized Testing In Tennessee:  A Correlational Study Between Stanford 10 And Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program

Canter, Lora - Factors Affecting Faith Integration Among Faculty At A Faith-Based Institution:  Implications For Adulth Learning Assumptions

Carender, Bruce - Principal And Teacher Perceptions Leadership Styles And How They Correlate To Student Achievement In Central And Eastern Kentucky Schools

Carey, Dale - Perceptions of leadership styles, charisma, and biblical authority in pastors

Carner, J. David - A Causal Comparative Study Of Trio Director/Assistant Director Leadership Styles As Perceived By Trio Staff

Carrier, Jonathan - Factors Impacting Full-Time Faculty Retention In Mountain Western Community Colleges:  A Causal-Comparative Analysis

Carroll, James - A Causal-Comparative Study Of Perceived Leadership Styles of Community College Presidents In States Accredited By The Southern Association of Colleges And Schools Commission On Colleges

Carter, Craig - Inequalities Of Gifted Education

Chi, Ronald - The Impact Of Participatory Design In Accountability-Support Systems On Teacher Effectiveness

Christy, Ellen - Teacher Perception Of The Ohio Teacher Evaulation System

Clay, Phillip - The Impact Of Student Centered Classroom Management Strategies On Student Engagement For Academic And Behavioral Intervention

Clemmons, Jennifer - Self-Directed Learning:  Exploring A Way Forward For Kentucky Education

Cobb, Krissy - The Impact Of Public School Principals' Leadership Styles On Teacher Job Satisfaction

Coffey, Anita - Maximizing Instructional Grouping:  Small Homeroom Versus Rotating Flex Settings

Coffey, John Morgan - Leadership Considerations Of Employee Job Satisfaction:  A Case Study Of A Non-Profit Addiction Recovery Center

Cole, Ronnie - A Causal Comparative Study Examining Community College Learning Environments For Developmental Math in Virginia

Combs, Rhonda - In West Virginia Schools:  Examining Correlations Between Educator Perceptions Of PLC Implementation And School Performance

Conn, Harry - Reducing Disruptive Student Behavior At The Secondary Level:  An Assessment Of An In-School Suspension Program In Central Kentucky

Couch, Amon - Making The Connection Between Trust and Student Achievement:   A Causal-Comparative Study Of Public High Schools In Kentucky

Courtney, Matthew - Teacher Perceptions Of The Effectiveness Of Professional Development Delivery Styles

Creager, Rachel - New teacher Self-Efficacy In Central Kentucky: A Study Of Recent Teaching Graduates From Universities In Central Kentucky

Creekmore, Jason - The Significance  Of A Leader: A Causal-Comparative Study Of Principal Leadership Styles And Middle School Academic Achievement

Crescitelli, Diane - The Impact Of Common Core Mathematics Standards On Teacher Preparation Programs In Kentucky

Croft, William - An Analysis Of The Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale As A Predictor Of Success On The National Board Exams For Respiratory Therapist

Croom, Keith – Finishing Strong: Army Chaplains, Ministry Burnout, And Army Resilience Programs

Cwikla, Ashley - The Quest For Inclusion:  The Relationship Between Self-Awareness And Perception Of Choice, And The Attitude Toward Requesting Academic Accommodations Amongst Students With Visual Impairments In Post Secondary Education

Culpepper, Kevin - Alabama's Virtual Online Schools:  Learner Characteristics Affecting Success in Virtual Secondary Education Settings

Dalton, Robert - Situational Leadership: Analysis Of The Relationship Between Teacher Competence/Commitment And Preferred Leadership Styles

Damron, Heather - The Impact Of OSHA’s Stand –Down Campaign On Fatal Falls In The Construction Industry In A Kentucky:  A Causal-Comparative Study

Daniels, Deborah - Impact Of Graduate Performance Outcomes On Student Achievement:  A Causal-Comparative Study At A Selective Private University

Davis, Anissa - Principal And Teacher Relationships And Their Impact On Student Achievement: A Correlational Study

Davis, Brian - An Exploration Of U.S. Army Officers' Understanding Of Andragony And Its Relationship To Final Course Outcomes

Davis, Dale - Exploring Teachers' Knowledge And Opinions Of Response To Intervention In Rural School

Deaton, Shannon - Effects Of The English Advanced Placement (AP) Program On College Grade Point Average Among Rural Appalachian Students

DeLuise, Christopher - An Analysis Of Hybrid Leadership Preferences In A Selected Number Of United States Air Force Bases

Dennison, Mark - The Relational Leader: Applying Values And Ethics In Educational Leadership Training Programs Through Aristotelian Principals

Denny, Elizabeth - Education Beyond The Classroom:  The Effects Of After-School Tutoring On Student Reading Performance In The Primary Grades

Detre, Jason - Impacts Of Educational Coaching Within The Green River Educational Cooperative

DeVol, Purva - The Relationship Between Accreditation Pathway And Graduation Rates Of Illinois Institutions

Dickerson, Leisa - Impact Of Principals' Orientation In Relation To Adult Learning In Kentucky High Schools

Doom, Anna - A Comparison f Learning Preferences Amongst Students Enrolled In The Department Of Veterinary Technology At Murray State University

Doran, Lorraine - A Quantitative Examination Of Principals' Leadership Styles And Adult Learning Orientation In K-12 Settings In Tennessee

Dumeh, Raymond - Mathematics As A Language: A Case Study In Advisement Of STEM Majors In A Community College Context

Dunn, Charlene - Technology Leadership:  An Assessment Of North Carolina Public School Principals

Durbin, Casey - Differences In Perception Of The Importance Of Participation Strategies Among Nontraditional Students, Instructors/Professors, And Leaders/Administrators:  A Case Study Of A Nontraditional Higher Education Program

Elliott, John T - The Efficacy Of Parent And Teacher Made Special Education Referrals In Appalachian And Non-Appalachian Schools Of Kentucky

Ewers, Matthew - An Exploratory Analysis Of Economic And Leadership Philosophies In Higher Education

Felts, Deborah - The Effects Of Time In Clinical Experiences On The Scores Of The PRAXIS II Principals Of Learning And Teaching As A Measurement Of Teacher Effectiveness

Ferris, Jan - Career Advisement And Attrition In Ohio's Public Community Colleges:  A Causal-Comparative Study

Fiamengo, Stephanie - Marriage And Family Therapy Graduate Programs:  Program Leadership Style And Student Perceptions Of Competency Among Graduate Students In Los Angeles County, California

Fish, Richard - A Comparison Of Teacher Leadership Style Preferences Among South Carolina Educators

Flanagan, Valerie - The Influence Of Leadership Styles Upon The Mum Effect Tendencies Of Kentucky Principals

Flynn, Kathleen - Factors Affecting Physical Preceptorships Of Physician Assistants Students

Friend, Rebecca - On Virtual Leadership:  Stylistic Preference In The Digital Classroom--A Case Study

Gailbreath, Amber-The Effects Of Technology Integration On Achievement In High Schools In Wilson County High Schools In Tennessee

Gar, Joseph – The Effectiveness Of Program Evaluation As A Measure Of The Retention Of First-Year Students In Community Colleges

Garland, Heather - Reading Intervention Effectiveness:  A Focus On Reading Recovery

Garner, Brian - Leadership Styles and Teacher Experience Among International K-12 School Educators: How Teacher Experience Can Guide Administrative Support

George, Terrance - A Causal Comparative Study Of The Preferred Leadership Styles Of Student Affairs Professionals

Gilbert, Christopher-Faculty And Staff Perceptions Of Presidential Leadership Among Private Colleges And Universities Located Within Central And Southern Appalachia

Gilliam, Pamela - Transformational Leadership And Leadership Perceptions Of Academic Departments In A Small Liberal Arts Setting

Goad, Chester - A Study Of Service Delivery Models And Leadership In Postsecondary Disability Programs In Tennessee  

Goforth, Michael - Principals’ Perceptions Of Instructional Leadership And Student Achievement:  A Causal-Comparative Study Of Region VII High Schools In Virginia

Gothard, Sheila - A Causal Comparative Study Of The Preferred Leadership Styles Of Employees In Higher Education Based On Their Length Of Tenure

Graham, Crystal-Examining Instructional Leadership Practices As They Impact Middle School Gap Group

Greek, Stephen - A Comparison Of Readiness For Self-Directed Learning Among University Students Enrolled In Private Universities In Uganda And Kentucky

Griffith-Green, Nicole - Effectiveness Of Developmental Math Interventions On Student Learning In A Community And Technical College

Grimes, Donnie - Finding Frequent Patterns In Data Streams: Implications For Managing Information On Student Prospects

Gross, Karen - An Analysis Of Principal Leadership Experiences Of Veteran And Beginning Teachers In Arizona

Gross, Tiare - Leadership Preferences Of Counselors Who Work With Female Domestic Abuse Victims

Guess, David - Effective Leadership Styles In Profitable Trucking Companies

Hamid, Hadi - An Impact Of Career And Technology Education (CATE) On Student High School Graduation And Higher Education Matriculation Rates In Beaufort County, South Carolina

Harara, Ahmed - Analysis Of Preferred Leadership Styles And Organizational Commitment Of Private Schools Teachers In Orange County, Florida

Hare, Emily - A Causal Comparative Study Of The North Carolina Community College President And Preferred Leadership Style(s)

Harmon, French - A Comparative Analysis Of The Theological, Technological And Musical Factors In The Implementation Of A Contemporary Worship Service In A Southern Baptist Church.

Hayes, Clint - Factors Affecting Student Success In Community College Biology Courses InTthe Southern Appalachian Ares Of Kentucky

Hazard-Irvin, LaWanda - Exploring Teacher Morale In Jefferson County Public Schools:  A Correlational Study

Hemming, Ben - Understanding The Opinions And Attitudes Of LDS Faith-Based Correctional Volunteers Regarding The Impact Of The Inmate-Volunteer Relationship On Reentry Work

Higgins, John - Higher Education And Police Work:  An Assessment Of The Selection And Promotion Processes In Local Kentucky Law Enforcement Agencies

Hill, Brenda - Promoting Teacher Efficacy, The Roll Of Leadership And Professional Development For Successful Implementation Of Common Core State Standards

Hollen, Lori - The Effectiveness Of Professional Learning Groups As Primary And Reference Groups

Howard, Brandy - The Effect Of Year-Round Education On Elementary Student Achievement:  A Comparison Of Two Districts In North Central Kentucky

Huffaker, Dustin - Preferred Superintendent Leadership Styles Found In East Tennessee School Districts

Inman, Kenna - Leadership Effects On The Success Of Students With Academic And Learning Problems

Isaacs, Mary - Factors Affecting College Student Enrollment And Workforce Placement In An Appalachian Context

Ivey, Jason - Factors Affecting Perceptions Of Foreign Language Instruction Among Secondary Students In An Appalachian Context  

Jackson, Jerry - College Choice:  An Appalachian Perspective

Jackson, Summer - Factors Affecting First-Year Student Retention In A Private Appalachian College

Jaegar, Carrie - Traditional And Non-Traditional Student Perceptions Of Faculty Advising Leadership In Kentucky Private colleges

James, Kim - Efficacy Of Developmental Courses In Improving Retention In Higher Education

Jarboe, B. Trey - The Effects Of Dual Credit Programs On Student Recruitment At A Private Appalachian University

Jeffers, Amy - Teachers' Education In Phonemic Awareness Instruction In Southern Appalachian And Midwestern States:  A Regional Comparison

Jones, Rachel - The Effects Of State Mandated Testing On The Morale Of Teachers And Administrators

Kaiser, Jennifer - An Exploration Of The Impact Of Leadership Styles On Levels Of Nurse-to-Nurse Incivility And Interpersonal Relationships

Keck, Linda - Meeting The Reading First Challenge In A Rural East Tennessee School

Keenan, Helene - A Comparison Between The Preferred Leadership Styles Of Public School Teachers At All Grade Levels And The Styles Practiced By Public School Administrators At All Grade Levels In West Tennessee

Keeton, Angela - Perceptions Of School Readiness:  A Comparison Of Parents And Teachers In Scott County, Tennessee

Keith, Mary - Kentucky Educators' Perspectives On Pay-For-Performance:  A Causal Comparative Analysis

Kemme, Brenda - Parental Involvement In The RTI Process In A Jefferson County Public School

Kennedy, Barbara - Teacher Leader Dispositions:  A Causal-Comparative Study At A Selective Private University

Kennedy, T. Mike - A Causal Comparative Study Of Connecticut’s Cali Initiative

Kerby, Kenneth (Brad) -The Impact Of Kentucky’s Professional Growth And Effectiveness System On Student Achievement And Related Professional Educator Perceptions

Kerns, Staci - An Assessment Of Grading Practices And Student Achievement In International Christian Schools:  A Causal-Comparative Policy Analysis

Khattapan, Charat - The Effectiveness Of Video Lecture Capture In Asynchronous Online Classes:  Comparing And Evaluating Class Outcomes, Effectiveness, And Student Satisfaction In Online Classes With Lecture Capture

Knowles, Lindsey - The Relationship Between Special Education Teacher Satisfaction And Graduation Rates Of Students In Special Education Programs:  A Correlational Study Among Four Neighboring School Districts In Central Florida

Knuckles, Jennifer - A Causal-Comparative Study Regarding Perceived Effectiveness Of School Social Workers In Kentucky Public Schools According To School Administrators, Teachers, and School Social Workers

Langley, Margie - Gendered Class In A North Georgia Public School:  An Assessment Of Academic Progress

Lattimore, Sharis - Examination Of Andragogical Assumption Used In Professional Development For Teachers In A Large Urban School District

Lawson, Charles - A Causal-Comparative Study Of Test Pressure And Leadership Practices In Tennessee

Lawson, James - A Comparison Of Preferred Leadership Styles For Post Secondary Criminal Justice Educators Within The Commonwealth Of Kentucky

Lee, Dwayne - Vocational Education In Appalachia:  A Vital Component Of Fulfilling The Goal Of Differentiated Instruction

Levin, Joy - Preferred Leadership Styles Of Faculty In American Physical Therapy Programs And The Impact Of Demographic Factors On Leadership Styles

Lewis, Lisa - An Exploration Of The Predictive Association Between Professional Capital And Efficacy:  A Study Of Early Learning And Elementary Teachers In Rural, Appalachian Context

Linn, Stacey - Standards Based Grading An Exploration Of Educators' Readiness To Implement

Linton, Robin - The Effect Of Mentoring And Coaching Strategies On Leadership Skills Of Public School Principals In Kentucky

Lipscomb, Pauline - Appalachian Women Leaders In Higher Ed: Generations Of Change, Division And Unity

Little, Vaughn - Improving Workforce Development: An Assessment Of A High School Pathways Program In Central Kentucky

Maddox, William S.- High School Curriculum Factors Affecting First And Second Year Retention Rates Among Appalachian College Students

Martin, Jeannie - Conservation-Based National Service Impacts On Participant Leadership Skills And Career Self-Efficacy

Martinson,Kurt - An Examination Of Hybrid Leadership And School Climate

McCarty, Karla-Victimization:  An Analysis Of Common Characteristics Of School Bully Victims

McClendon, Steven - A Correlational Study Of Computer Self-Efficiency, Student Engagement, And Learning Outcomes In A College Intermediate Algebra Course Using A Computer-Based Learning System

McDaniel, Melissa - A Causal Comparative Analysis Between The Formation And Dysfunction Of Professional Learning Communities Among Elementary Teachers In Fayette County, Kentucky

McGuire, Garrett - The Influence Of Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-Faire, And Situational Leadership Styles On Uniting Efforts Among S&I Faculty And S&I Principals’ Perceptions Of Leadership Training

Meeks, Janet - The Impact Of Superintendent Leadership And Mentoring Practices On Principal Effectiveness

Miracle, Kimberly - Theological Perspectives Of Faculty In The Bible Belt Region In Institutions Affiliated With The Council For Christian Colleges And Universities

Morris, Steven - The Committed, Passionate, And Intimate Leader:  A Study Into Triangular Theory And The Role Of Its Components Within The Leader-Member Exchange Theory

Muhlenkamp, Chad – Perception Of School Leadership And Academic Achievement In Kentucky Elementary Schools

Nelson, Michael - A Causal-Comparative Analysis Of Principals' Leadership Styles And Student Achievement In Arizona's Tribal Schools

Neuner, Christine - Teaching Adult Learners:  An Assessment Of Instructional Practices In Two-And Four-Year Colleges In Select Southeastern States

Niles, Deborah - A Critical Analysis Of Principal Feedback And The Correlation Between Improved Teacher Efficacy And Teacher Ratings On The Professional Growth Effectiveness System In Kentucky

O'Connor-Rowe, Dawn - Co-Curricular Engagement Of Online West-Coast College Students

Olaniyi, Olusola - The Effects Of Mathematics Teacher Programs & Students In Selected Mathematics Teacher Training Programs In North Carolina

Osborne, C. Cole – Community College Faculty Preferred Leadership Style Of Department Chairs Delineated By Academic Division

Pali, Nathan - Leadership Style And Time Prioritization Of Bishops In The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints:  A Quantitative Study Of Bishops In Utah

Palla, Anil - The Impact Of University Climate On Student Satisfaction

Parrigin, Renee - Effectiveness Of Small Group Reading Instruction On Reading Academic Achievement Test

Parson, Tim - Administrator And Teacher Perceptions Of The Teacher Professional Growth And Effectiveness System

Penn, David - An Exploration Of Public And Educational Leaders' Understanding Of Andragogy And Its Relationship To The Use Of Educational Film For Leadership Roles

Perdue, Pamela - Leadership Styles Of Effective Teachers, A Case Study In Rural East Tennessee

Peters, Tara - Practical Nursing Program Directors' Self-Reported Leadership Styles And Faculty Preferences In The Western United States

Phillips, Mark - Resilience Training Effectiveness Amongst Company-Level Tennessee Army National Guard Service Members

Reaves, Carolyn - An Assessment Of An Alternative Teacher Certification Program An Kentucky

Redmond, Mike – School Superintendent Use Of Social Media

Reeves, Jason - Nonprofit Organizational Leadership In Southern Appalachia:  Leaders Of Transaction Or Transformation?

Roberts, Howard - An Assessment Of An Economic Development Initiative At The University Of Pikeville

Rockwell, Kari - A Correlational Study Of The Preferred Leadership Styles And Academic Growth Among Cumberland County, Tennessee Teachers And Principals

Rogers, Tim - The Impact Of Education Reform Philanthropy On Third Grade Literacy In Rural, Southern Appalachia

Roop, Daniel - The Identification Of Preferred Leadership Style And Differences In Styles Based On Accreditation Ratings Of Schools In Western Virginia

Royster, Amelia - Evaluating The Effectiveness Of A Counseling Center At A Public Historically Black College Or University (HBCU):  A Quantitative Case Study  

Ruda, Vanessa – Career And Technical Education Student Organizations (CTSOs) And Their Impact On Student Achievement On The Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA)

Sanford, Angel - An Exploration Of Collaboration Models In Persistently Low Achieving Schools

Sanford, Rebecca - Increasing Achievement And Improving Instruction In Middle School Reading

Scheerhorn, Jessica - An Issue In School Leadership:  Art Integration In Mathematics

Schenck, Andrew - Examining The Impact Of Confusical Values On Leadership In A South Korean Higher Educational Context

Schnoebelen-Kramer, Diane – The Effects Of A Project-Based Learning Program On Iowa Assessment Reading, Language/Written Expression, And Math Scores

Schumacher, Anthony - Business Faculty Perceptions Of Advisory Boards In Higher Education:  Board Recommendations And Curriculum Updates

Shipley, Chasity - An Exploration Of Professional Development For The Hybrid Classroom Within Barren County, Kentucky

Shoemaker, Charles - Managing Professional Learning:  Creating An Environment For Differentiated Professional Development In Rural Districts

Simpson, Bill - Teacher Job Satisfaction And Student Achievement In Kentucky High Schools:  A Correlational Study

Singley, Donna - Teaching Poverty Or Prosperity:  An Assessment Of Economics Instruction For Public School Teachers In Southern Appalachia

Slaton, Nathaniel - Evaluation Of The Mission And Outcomes Of The Health Science Technology Program At A  Rural Kentucky Two-Year College

Slone, Jerry - Leadership Styles And Innovation In Appalachian Private Liberal Arts Institutions Of Higher Education

Smith, Charles - Charismatic Authority And The Rationalization Of Violence In The Peoples Temple

Smith, Jack - Leadership Styles And School Accountability In Eastern Kentucky

Squires, John - Student And Teacher Perceptions Of The Southern Regional Education  Board (SREB) Math Ready Program

Sterling, Stephanie – Analysis Of Director Of Special Education Leadership Styles As Perceived By Special Education Staff And Directors Of Special Education In The State Of Kentucky

Stillwell, Timothy - Camp Magic:  Leadership Style Preferences Among Residential Staff And Interns

Stone, Lisa – The Impact Of A Learner-Centric Classroom On Student Achievement

Stone, Shane – Variables Affecting Campus Policing Decisions: An Assessment Of Stakeholder Attitudes

Stowers, Mario - Measuring The Effectiveness Of Curriculum For Mentoring High-Risk Inner- City Youth In Atlanta

Stringer, Jamie -The Effect Of Satellite Campuses On First Time First Generation Rural College Students

Surge, Eric - The Effect Of Disciplinary Action On Student Persistence At An Upper Midwest Private Non-Profit College

Talbott, Vivian - Math Ability Grouping And Student Achievement

Tan, Chin - Student Satisfaction In Online And Face-to-Face Business Courses

Tarhanidis, Peter - A Study To Determine A Preferred Pastoral Leadership Style In The Greek Orthodox Metropolis Of New Jersey

Taylor, Bobbi Jo - Student Self-Efficacy In Two-Year College Developmental Mathematics

Taylor, Clint – Common Core State Standards And Student Achievement In Appalachian Kentucky Middle And High Schools: A Causal-Comparative Study

Temple, B.J. - Retention:  A Focused Study Of Factors Affecting Student Retention At A Private University In Southeastern Kentucky

Terry, Ashley - The Effect Of Principal Longevity On Student Achievement

Tifft, Allison - Personalized Leadership:  Analyzing The Relationship Between Follower Personality Traits And Leadership Style Preference In Higher Education Staff In The U.S.

Toby, John Mark - Developing A Transformational Church Through Sunday School Fish Teams

Tolman, Blair - Conflict Resolution Protocol In The LDS Seminaries And Institutes Of Relition Program In The United States

Turley, Angela - An Investigation Of The Factors Affecting Students' Literacy Development:  A Case Study Of A Rural Virginia School Division

Waddey, Merissa - Special Education Teacher Evaluation:  Teacher Professional Growth And Effectiveness System

Walters, Michael - A Causal-Comparative Study Of Social Networking And Teacher Leaders In Wilson County School District, Tennessee

Walzer, Daniel - An Analysis Of Music And Audio Educators' Use Of Adult Learning Principles For Non-Traditional Learners Using Computer And Medical Technology

Warstler, Michael - A Quantitative Exploration Of Laity Perceptions Of Leaders' Interpersonal Behaviors Among Oneness/Apostolic Pentecostals Located In The United States

Watters, Eric - The Leadership Style Preferences Of Law Enforcement Supervisors In The United States And Variables That May Affect Leadership Style Selection Among Supervisors Of Various Ranks

Watts, Isaiah - A Study Of Rural Manufacturing Workers' Leadership Preferences In Scott County, Indiana

West, Virginia - Homework Effectiveness For Elementary Students In Southeastern Kentucky:  A Study Of Teachers' And Parents' Perceptions

White, Tyrell - An Analysis Of The Self-Efficacy Of Charter School Special Education Directors In Texas

Whitehead, Cara - Teachers’ Perceptions Of Their School Leaders’ Influence On Technology Use In Classroom Instruction

Wolford, Laura - A Causal-Comparative Study Of Endoscopy Instructional Methodologies In A Speech-Language Pathology Program:  Implications for Programmatic Decision-Making

Wolfs, Bert – From MOOCs To SOOCs: A Possible Scenario For American University Leaders

Wood, Rebecca - The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction And Career Choice

Wright, Eric - Preferred Worship Music Styles In East Tennessee Southern Baptist Churches:  A Call For Blended Worship

Wright, Karen - Effects Of Academic Preparedness And Developmental Education Courses On The Progression Of Associate Degree Seeking Students Toward Graduation

Wysong, James - Developmental Mathematics Education Reform Initiatives In Florida: Impacts, Consequences, And Changes At A Large, Metropolitan Community Colleges

York, Julie - Reading First Sustainability In A Rural Southern Kentucky School

Young, Bill - Assessing Competency Of Emergency Medical Services Educators In The United States

Young, Sonia - Undergraduate Major As A Predictor Of Physician Assistant Student Success