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Elementary Education Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Elementary Education

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH A MAJOR IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION (students who complete a minor or major in French or Spanish automatically receive the B.A. degree)–72 semester hours plus emphasis area:

 Elementary Education (P-5) – The Elementary Education Program (P-5) is designed for those students wishing to be certified in grades P-5. Individual programs should be planned with an advisor from the faculty of the School of Education. In addition to the General Studies and required Professional Education courses (listed below), students pursuing this option must also complete one academic emphasis of Mathematics, Science, English/Communications, Fine Arts/Humanities, Social and Behavioral Studies, Interdisciplinary, or in Special Education Learning and Behavior Disorders. 

General Education Courses – Taking the following General Education courses will facilitate the timely completion of certification requirements detailed below: 

MATH 130 & MATH 230 – These courses are required of all Elementary Education candidates and together fulfill Section IIIa of the General Education Curriculum. 

PSYC 131 (Section IVb) – a prerequisite for required Professional Education courses 

PSYC 232 and PSYC 238 EDUC 130 Technology in the P-12 Classroom (Section VI)

COMM 230 (Section VI) 

When these General Education courses are listed below, they are marked with an asterisk (*). 

P-5 Professional Education Courses – 42 credit hours

The following may not be taken prior to admission to Teacher Education

Required Related Studies – 27 credit hours 

Academic Emphasis Area - Interdisciplinary Studies

Academic Emphasis Area - Science

Science—21 hours

Required Course

Four credit hours selected from the following:

Four credit hours selected from the following:

Three science courses (at least 9 semester hours) with at least 2 courses (6 semester hours) at or above the 200 level.

General Education Requirements

For a full list of course offerings, visit our Academic Catalog page.