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Bachelor's Degree in History

Gain the knowledge and historical perspective you need to make a difference in the world with a Bachelor of Arts in History from University of the Cumberlands. Your education as a history major will take you on a journey through time examining the great cultures of the ancient world and into our modern age. Learn from the mistakes of our ancestors to help the world avoid following in their footsteps.

Is History a Good Major?

There are a variety of compelling arguments for pursuing a history degree. Options and flexibility are two practical reasons. The curriculum for the history major offers the flexibility to pursue a second major by taking electives in another field. For example, interesting combinations might include history and art, history and English, or history and human services. The experienced, caring faculty in the Department of History and Political Science will help you choose the combination of courses that best meet your personal goals.

Additionally, people who attain a BA in history have a wide array of professional and continuing education opportunities ahead of them. College history classes build a foundation that prepares students’ minds for graduate programs and careers. Students will find themselves using the critical thinking, research, and analysis skills obtained through history courses in college throughout their careers. A person with a history major can naturally transition into graduate studies in topics such as education, information technology, or criminal justice.

Jobs for History Majors

Wondering what can you do with a bachelor’s degree in history? The answer is quite a bit, actually. Employers value the reasoning, analytical, and interpretive skills you’ll develop as a history major, and various types of history degrees/programs will allow you to direct your studies toward a specific future career. After earning your history degree, continue your studies in graduate school or dive right into a career as a:

  • History, social studies, or political science teacher (with secondary school certification)
  • Postsecondary history teacher, history professor
  • Researcher – museums, educational institutes, business entities, or historical organizations
  • Policy advisor for corporations, government, or not-for-profit organizations
  • Curator
  • Education officer
  • Post-graduate study in law
  • Scholarly publishing, documentary editor
  • Archivist


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Whatever career choice you make, make sure you’re equipped to pursue it with this bachelor's degree in history. To see what you could accomplish with a BS or BA in history from UC, fill out the form on this page and learn more about our history program. Let’s talk about our test-optional college admissions process, scholarship opportunities, and more!

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