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Bachelor's Degree in History

A historical perspective is one of the core tenants of vita abunditor. Understanding the past teaches an appreciation of the human condition, a respect for other people’s experiences, and a well-informed citizen. The critical reading, research, writing, and communication skills gained from a Bachelor of Arts or Science in History will prepare you to make a difference in the world, no matter what career you choose. 

The faculty of the Department of History and Political Science is dedicated to the University’s Christian commitment and strives to model for its students as Christian morals and attitudes in a professional setting.


Mission and Goals

  • To provide students with a general knowledge of American and world civilizations.
  • To provide students with an appreciation of principal cultural issues pertinent to past and present societies.
  • To allow students to demonstrate critical and insightful thinking concerning principal historical issues.
  • To instill in students the knowledge necessary for assuming positions in history-related fields and/or pursuing post-graduate study.
  • To provide students, by their graduation, a basic understanding of traditional and current schools of thought within the study of history.
  • To provide students with the written and oral capacities to communicate effectively.
  • To instill in students by graduation an understanding and appreciation of the principal values of western society.

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Is History a Good Major?

Pursuing a history degree offers students a large degree of flexibility to pursue a second major by taking electives in another field. With the discipline’s emphasis on understanding the human experience and skill building, the history major blends well with most majors. For example, many history majors are interesting combinations might include history and art, history and English, history and human services, history and business, and history and communication. The experienced, caring faculty in the Department of History and Political Science will help you choose the combination of courses that best meet your personal goals.

Additionally, people who attain a BA or BS in history have a wide array of professional and continuing education opportunities ahead of them. College history classes build a foundation that prepares students’ minds for graduate programs and careers. Students will find themselves using the critical thinking, research, and analysis skills obtained through history courses in college throughout their careers. A person with a history major can naturally transition into graduate studies in topics such as history, education, information technology, or criminal justice.

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Jobs for History Majors

With its special emphasis on developing research abilities, analytical thinking, and written communication, a Bachelor of Arts or Science in History offers the foundational skills that serve as a gateway to any number of careers.

UC History Majors have become historians, teachers, lawyers, ministers, business leaders, missionaries, military officers, and politicians.  

Special Highlights for History Majors interested in a career in Law:

After earning your history degree, continue your studies in law school, graduate school or dive right into a career as a:


As a history major, the reasoning and analytical skills your history degree from University of the Cumberlands can give you are highly valued by employers in a number of industries. You’ll find professionals in the role of historian in local governments, corporate headquarters, and more. The growth rate for historians is holding steady at 5 percent with a median wage of $63,940 annually.


With the right certification, you can turn your attention to education as a High School History Teacher. With a projected growth rate of 8 percent over the next decade or so, teachers are needed! And they get paid, averaging $61,820 annually.


You could take your teaching to the next level – sharing your love for history with college or university students. With a median annual salary of $79,640, employment of postsecondary teachers is projected to grow 12 percent over the next decade.


  • History, social studies, or political science teacher (with secondary school certification)
  • Postsecondary history teacher, history professor
  • Researcher – museums, educational institutes, business entities, or historical organizations
  • Policy advisor for corporations, government, or not-for-profit organizations
  • Curator
  • Education officer
  • Post-graduate study in law
  • Scholarly publishing, documentary editor
  • Archivist

"$63,940" Median Annual Pay for Historians1

2High School Teachers
3Postsecondary Teachers

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History Degree Requirements 

Bachelor of Science with a Major in History 

REQUIREMENTS FOR A BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH A MAJOR IN HISTORY– 38 semester hours drawn from 20 hours in this history core described below, plus 18 hours: 

History major core required for all options: (20 Credits)

Intermediate Studies Courses: (9 Credits) At least 3 of which must be either Intermediate Early American or Intermediate Modern American History.

Advanced Studies: (9 Credits) At least 3 of which must be either Advanced Early American or Advanced Modern American History.

Bachelor of Art in History 

To obtain a BA in History from UC, a history major will need to complete of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree plus a world language through the intermediate level.

Bachelor of Science with a Major in History & Political Science 


Major Requirements Required History Courses: (20 Credits)

Intermediate Studies Courses: (9 Credits) At least 3 of which must be either Intermediate Early American or Intermediate Modern American History.

Electives in History and Political Science:

All electives must be at the 300 or 400 level (12 credits)

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History & Political Science 

To complete a BA in history & political science from UC requires the completion of the Bachelor of Science degree requirements plus a world language through the intermediate level.

Minor in History 

REQUIREMENTS FOR A MINOR IN HISTORY–28 semester hours as follows: Required courses are (16 hours): 

Intermediate Studies Courses: (6 Credits)

Advanced Studies: (6 Credits)

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More Information on History Major 


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Learn history and worldwide views along with amazing faculty to help you on your way. Learn more about the History Major Faculty

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Whatever career choice you make, make sure you’re equipped to pursue it with this bachelor's degree in history. To see what you could accomplish with a BS or BA in history from UC, fill out the form on this page and learn more about our history program. Let’s talk about our test-optional college admissions process, scholarship opportunities, and more!

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