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A University of the Cumberlands math student working a mathematical equation on the chalkboard.

Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of the universe. Understanding numbers gives us an appreciation of God’s universe, helping us define the world around us and our place in it. If you find beauty – and your future – in numbers, you should also find yourself in a math program at the University of the Cumberlands.

We offer a wide range of courses so you can tailor your degree program to your interests and career goals. Classes are small enough to really get to know your classmates and your professors. And you’ll have access to state-of-the-art technology in our Mathematics and Physics Resource Center.

What can I do with a Math degree?

This program will open up a realm of career paths for you – in a number of industries like business and information systems, as well as local, state and federal government. Although few job titles actually say “mathematician,” employers in almost every industry still prize people with a strong math background for their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. You could also pursue a post-graduate degree in statistics, engineering, mathematics, physics or more. Your career options include:

  • Mathematics Teacher (with secondary school certification)
  • Natural Sciences Manager
  • Mathematician
  • Statistician
  • Insurance Actuaries
  • Computer Designers
  • Analysts
  • Mathematical Science

Accelerate your career and life success with a degree in math. UC is here to help you get there!


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A University of the Cumberlands degree prepares you for the rigors of the professional world.  Click the button to learn more about the exciting career opportunities you can pursue with this program.