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Middle School Education Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Middle School Education

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH A MAJOR IN MIDDLE SCHOOL EDUCATION (students who complete a minor or major in French or Spanish automatically receive the B.A. degree)— 69-75 hours for one specialization or 93–101semester hours for two specializations as follows, depending upon specialization:

Middle School Education (5-9) — Middle School Education (5-9) is designed for students wishing to be certified to teach in grades 5-9. In addition to the General Studies and required Professional Education courses (listed below), students pursuing this option must also complete a specialization in Mathematics, Science, or English/Communications, or Social and Behavioral Studies or from Special Education Learning and Behavior Disorders.

General Education Courses – Taking the following General Education courses may facilitate the timely completion of certification requirements detailed below: 

  • MATH 130 & MATH 230 – Candidates may choose to complete General Education Section IIIa by taking both of these courses which are required for the Mathematics specialization.
  • PSYC 131 (Section IVb) 
  • EDUC 130 (Section VI) 
  • COMM 230 (Section VI) 

When these General Education courses are listed below, they are marked with an asterisk (*).

5-9 Professional Education Courses – 48 credit hours

One Specialization – 24-27 hours 
In fulfillment of the state curriculum guidelines, a list of the curriculum that will be offered to satisfy the specialization for middle school teachers follows. 

Specialization - Mathematics Studies

Specialization - Science

Science—26 hours Required Courses:

6 Hours of Electives: 
Two additional courses (minimum 6 semester hours) in Biological, Physical, Earth Sciences, or Astronomy 

General Education Requirements

For a full list of course offerings, visit our Academic Catalog page.