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Three Spanish degree students talking in a hallway on the UC campus.

Bachelor's Degree in Spanish

In our department of World Languages, you’ll have the opportunity to take your Spanish skills to the next level. You’ll learn about the language and literature as well as the diverse cultures that use Spanish as their primary language. As a Spanish major, you’ll also be encouraged to enhance fluency by immersion in language and culture through study abroad.

Classes are small enough to really get to know your classmates and your instructors. And the skills and experience you’ll develop as a student in Spanish will prepare you for graduate and professional programs as well as for careers in any field in which knowledge of another language and culture is vital.

What can I do with an Spanish degree?

The Spanish Majors and Minors provide students with the tools to understand both the language and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. To this end, the Department of World Languages offers courses in the Spanish language and the literatures and cultures of Spain and the Spanish Americas. Courses are offered at all levels to help students develop the four communicative skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish. In addition, students explore the cultural products, perspectives, and practices of the Spanish-speaking world through course work, field trips, extracurricular activities, and study abroad. UC has partner programs in Costa Rica and Salamanca, Spain, or students may work with Spanish faculty to develop an overseas experience that meets their individual educational goals.

A degree in Spanish can stand alone, or as a major or a minor, it can be an ideal complement to any major, particularly in today’s world, where many employers prefer candidates with second-language skills. Spanish has been identified as an area of particularly critical need in education, law enforcement, and medicine.
•    Teacher – the United States is experiencing widespread teacher shortages in world languages
•    Interpreter or translator – either full-time or on the side
•    Librarian or researcher – language skills are a huge asset to anyone in a research-related career
•    Law enforcement/national security – from local police departments to the FBI, DEA, CIA, agencies need people who can communicate in more than one language
•    Diplomacy – just imagine, a career in Europe, Africa or South America.  You don't have to be an ambassador to play an important role.

Whichever direction you choose to go, let UC’s Spanish program help you prepare for a rewarding career.


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