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Strategic Communication Minor

A minor in strategic communication introduces students to the fundamentals of strategic communication practices, including hands-on instruction in contemporary graphic design and video production. Designed with practical applications and versatility in mind, students will learn how to perform research on consumer behavior and audience insights, learning how such factors can drive creative strategy in advertising, as well as the impact of social media on digital communications.



Strategic communication is a term that describes the activities of a variety of disciplines, including public relations, management communication, and advertising. Companies, organizations, and governments that engage in strategic communication focus on purposeful communication with an end goal in mind. By combining a bachelor’s in communication arts with a strategic communication minor, you can effectively tailor a strategic communications degree program to your specific career goals. Strategic communication courses cover an array of topics, including graphic design, social media, advertising, and video production. This strategic communications training will leave graduates well-prepared for a job in public relations.

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Mission and Goals 

The mission of the Bachelor in Integrated Digital Communication Degree Program is to provide students with the fundamentals of integrated digital and strategic communication practices, including hands-on instruction in contemporary graphic design and video production. Courses incorporate practical applications and versatility so that digital communications students learn how research, consumer behavior and audience insights can drive creative strategy in advertising; the impact of social media on digital communications; how branding, new media and graphic design shape daily interactions between users around the world; as well as other applicable concepts to today’s field of communication.

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Students who study strategic communication in college become effective and ethically responsible communicators, who can design, express, interpret, and evaluate messages in a variety of contexts, including social, political, and career settings. Many of our graduates pursue careers in the fields of:

  • Mass Communications
  • Broadcasting
  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Business

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Minor in Strategic Communication 


Plus 6 additional hours of electives from any COMM course (6 hours)

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More Information on Strategic Communication Minor 


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