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Several bachelor's in youth & family ministry degree students playing a game outside with a young boy.

Bachelor's Degree in Youth & Family Ministry

Serve your faith community better with a degree in Christian Ministry

There’s a reason the Lord calls us to child-like faith. If reaching our youth and children with God’s word – if introducing them to a saving faith – is on your heart, this Youth and Family Ministry program is for you.

In the Department of Missions and Ministry at University of the Cumberlands, our faculty members are dedicated to helping you learn what it takes to earn your bachelor’s degree in youth and family ministry.

As a youth ministry major, you will hone your skills in the field and develop strategies for serving Christ in the United States and around the world through youth evangelism, church planting, and discipleship, leading personal, compassionate ministry to all people.


Wherever God calls you to go, as a youth ministry major at one of the best colleges that offer youth ministry degree programs around, you’ll be prepared to pursue any number of Christian ministry opportunities. From mission opportunities in far-away countries to the youth group at the church down the street, your youth ministry major provides the skills and education you need to serve as:

  • Youth minister
  • Children's minister
  • Worship minister
  • Pastor

Or use your church ministry degree education as a stepping stone to further education, such as a Christian teaching degree or a church ministry degree program at a relevant seminary. The opportunities are endless.

Is a family and student ministry degree worth it?

God loves people. Young and old, wealthy and poor, of every demographic and nationality, he loves them all. Serving others may be what you’re called to do. Earning a family and youth ministry degree prepares you for service, giving you the tools you need to confidently fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

The right degree from the an established youth ministry college, which is what you’ll find at University of the Cumberlands, can help prepare you for any number of career opportunities, from Christian education to youth ministries and, perhaps with further study, a career in the clergy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2020, the average wage for religious workers came in around $40,000 annually—$56,000 for members of the clergy, $45,000 for directors and leaders of religious activities and education.


Costs for programs of study at University of the Cumberlands are competitive and affordable. Click here to view tuition rates and fees. 


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Remember, serving God might take you anywhere, and by earning your bachelor’s degree in youth and family ministry, UC can help you follow God's call! Let’s talk about our test-optional college admissions process, scholarship opportunities, and more! Fill out the form on this page and get more information.

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A University of the Cumberlands degree prepares you for the rigors of the professional world.  Click the button to learn more about the exciting career opportunities you can pursue with this program.