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If you want to learn what it takes to lead with confidence, compassion, and strategic insight, you need a degree in management. Capable leaders have a broad base of knowledge and skills within their work environment and chosen field – all of which you can gain at Cumberlands. Whether you’re an in-seat student or taking classes online, you’ll cover all the business administration basics to get a handle on fundamentals like economics, accounting, marketing, human resources, project management, and more. Through elective courses, you will have the option to dive deeper into a field of management that interests you, from retail to supply chain to sales. Our professors are experienced professionals who bring real-world insight into the classroom so their students can be prepared for a variety of business challenges – and solutions. And who says learning is reserved for the classroom? Our campus is full of opportunities for you to plug into groups and strengthen your leadership ability, all before you graduate.

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Programs & Requirements

Programs & Requirements

* The credit hours listed on this page only reference the specific program requirements and is not reflective of the total hours necessary to receive your degree. Cumberlands requires all students obtain a minimum of 60 hours for an associate’s degree and a total of 120 hours for a bachelor’s degree. Transfer and prior learning credits may be counted toward those totals.

To learn more about our General Education Requirements, please visit the page referenced below or explore our Academic Catalog

General Education Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Management

Our bachelor’s degree in management is designed to give those with an interest in driving business performance through operational oversight key management tools across business and management. Curriculum offers a framework of essential business and management focuses around precision coursework across more specialized areas of management. 

A capstone project ties core courses of business management studies to a global business model, preparing graduates to align their practice in the field to increasingly globalized industry. 

Course Requirements

  • BADM 133 Introduction to Business
  • BADM 136 Microeconomics
  • BADM 137 Macroeconomics
  • BADM 300 Business Statistics
  • BADM 330 Legal Environment of Business
  • BADM 331 Principles of Management
  • BADM 333 Business Analytics
  • BADM 436 Capstone: Global Business
  • BACC 130 Fundamentals of Accounting 
  • BADM 313 Operations Management
  • BADM 334 Principles of Marketing
  • BADM 338 Business Decision Concepts
  • BADM 339 Principles of Human Resources Management
  • BADM 350 Principles of Project Management
  • BADM 431 Entrepreneurship
  • BADM 460 Program and Project Management

Choose 3 courses from the following:

  • BADM 311 Logistics Management
  • BADM 340 Retail Management
  • BADM 312 Supply Chain Management
  • BADM 441 Contract Management
  • BADM 421 Merchandise Planning
  • BADM 461 Project Quality and Risk
  • BADM 462 Project Scheduling and Control
  • BADM 343 Sales Management

A Bachelor of Arts requires all the same courses as a Bachelor of Science with the addition of four classes (12 hours) in a foreign language.

Choose one foreign language sequence:

  • FREN 131        Elementary French I
  • FREN 132        Elementary French II
  • FREN 231        Intermediate French I
  • FREN 232       Intermediate French II
  • SPAN 131        Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN 132        Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 231        Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 232       Intermediate Spanish II
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Mission & Goals - Management

The mission of the bachelor’s in management program is to develop a well-rounded management approach for those interested in oversight roles within business.

Harness management expertise to solve real-world solutions
Cultivate advanced leadership and communication skills
Develop an effective management approach
Leverage technology to enhance your oversight strategy
Understand best practices of people and operations management
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Management Careers & Outcomes

All stats from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Administrative Services Manager: $101,870

Administrative Services Manager: $101,870

Administrative services and facilities managers plan, direct, and coordinate activities that help an organization run efficiently.

Marketing Manager: $138,730

Marketing Manager: $138,730

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers plan programs to generate interest in products or services.

Engineering Manager: $159,920

Engineering Manager: $159,920

Architectural and engineering managers plan, direct, and coordinate activities in the fields of architecture and engineering.

Production Manager: $107, 560

Production Manager: $107, 560

Industrial production managers oversee the operations of manufacturing and related plants.

Medical Manager: $104,830

Medical Manager: $104,830

Medical and health services managers plan, direct, and coordinate the business activities of healthcare providers.

Social Service Manager: $74,240

Social Service Manager: $74,240

Social and community service managers coordinate and supervise programs and organizations that support public well-being.

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Common Questions for the Management Program

Simply put, a Bachelor of Science in Management is an educational program geared toward preparing you to effectively manage operations, projects, and groups of people within a business or organization. Its focus is to strengthen your leadership skills, guide you as you develop a work philosophy and sound leadership approach, give you a broad understanding of business and accounting, and hone your teamwork and communication skills.  

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in management positions routinely earn a six-figure salary on average.

Yes, this program is offered entirely online as well as on campus, so you get to choose which learning format fits your needs and preferred lifestyle. Cumberlands provides free rental textbooks to both in-seat and online students as part of its One Price Promise. 

Online courses last eight weeks, called a bi-term. There are two bi-terms per semester, and three semesters per year (fall, spring, and summer). Many online classes are asynchronous, meaning there is no set login time; you can work on schoolwork whenever you find time. 

All programs at University of the Cumberlands are offered at some of the lowest rates in the nation – and we even include free textbooks through our One Price Promise! For more information on how affordable this program would be for you, visit our Financial Aid & Tuition page.

If you are looking for classes tailored to driven future business leaders and offering in-depth knowledge about management and business while providing real-world insight from experienced faculty, then, yes, pursuing a bachelor’s in management is worth it. Classes are focused heavily on the behind-the-scenes of the business world, keeping a global perspective while emphasizing sustainability, ethics, and innovation. If you aspire to become a capable business leader, this is the place.

Great question! Both a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s in management will prepare you for success working in a business or organization, giving you broad knowledge about their inner workings, economics, and so forth. The management degree program is simply for those whose goals are to perform well in leadership roles specifically. At Cumberlands, we strive to offer a well-rounded education that develops servant-leaders who are both capable and compassionate.

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Faculty Experts in Management

You call it learning about your future management professors. We call it networking.

Dr. Karina Kasztelnik

Dr. Karina Kasztelnik

Adjunct Professor
Business Administration

Dr. Karina Kasztelnik

Contact Information

karina.kasztelnik [at]
Dr. Tom Javarinis

Dr. Tom Javarinis

Adjunct Professor
Business Administration

Dr. Tom Javarinis

Contact Information

tom.javarinis [at]
Vanessa Ann Claus

Dr. Vanessa Claus

Adjunct Professor
Business Administration

Dr. Vanessa Claus

Contact Information

vanessa.claus [at]

Program Accreditation

The Hutton School of Business at University of the Cumberlands has received specialized accreditations for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11960 Quivira Road in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. For a list of accredited programs please refer to our IACBE member status page.

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