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Mass Communication Careers

Is An Associate Degree In Mass Communication Worth It?

An Associate of Applied Science in Mass Communication can help give you the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to pursue entry-level communication positions. Given experience and the right skills set, you could wind up on any number of fulfilling career paths, including:

A degree in Mass Communication from University of the Cumberlands can prepare help prepare you for a career in mass media, such as a reporter, correspondent or broadcast news analyst. Reporters averaged $43,490 annually in 2018.

Whether you specialize in technical writing, web content, blogging, journalism or advertising, your ability to pursue and win these positions will be improved with the skills you’ll gain in this program. The median annual wage for writers and authors in 2019 came in at $63,200 annually. In a related field, media and communication workers averaged $59,230.


  • News Reporter
  • Editor
  • News Director
  • Copywriter
  • Web Content Writer
  • Media Relations Director
  • Communications Specialist

$59,230 Average yearly earnings for Media and Communication Workers in 20192

1Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts
2Writers and Authors