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Online Associate of Science in Gaming

Ready to move to the next level with your passion for gaming? If you’re ready to make a play for a role in the gaming industry, an online associate’s in game design can give you the tools you need to pursue a career in thee cutting-edge field of game development. A 2-year game design degree can introduce you to the fundamentals of game design and development—from conceptualization to the gaming consumer experience.


What is an Associate in Gaming 

An AS in gaming is a 2-year game design degree equips students to pursue a number of entry points to areas such as game software development, game design, quality assurance testing and game programming. Through this  game design degree, learners can explore the lifecycle of game development, enhanced through specialized focuses within programming and UX/interactive design.
As the gaming industry continues to grow, skilled, innovative creators are in demand more than ever. The associate’s in game design prepares learners to meet the techno-creative challenges of an ever-shifting gaming industry landscape.

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What careers can you do with an Associate in Gaming?

For those who aspire to creating within a gaming environment, an associate’s in gaming can launch entry into the game development industry. Graduates of the game design degree program have the opportunity to transfer technical and creative expertise to roles such as the following:

Is an Associate in Gaming worth it?

Making the most of your passion with a degree credential can help you achieve the future you want in the gaming industry. Earning a  gaming degree from University of the Cumberlands may be worthwhile for several reasons:

  • You could gain entry to the gaming industry. Even though it’s a creative field, game development is highly tech-driven and roles such as software developer and game designer generally require a degree that develops key technical skills in game creators.
  • You could increase your marketability. An associate degree be key to advancing in a current role in the gaming industry, or an increase in salary, with the new expertise and skills that can transfer directly from the classroom to your career.
  • Earning an associate degree online can help you balance your learning and life. With the advantage of learning when and where it works for you, an online degree program lets you balance your commitments beyond the classroom while you prepare for the career you aspire to.  
  • Enter your industry even faster. A 2-year game design degree can help you gain the expertise and degree credential you want even faster so you can accelerate your career pursuits.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

If you’re looking for a gaming degree that can help you take your career aspirations further, this associate’s in game design can equip you with the fundamental tools you need to pursue entry or advancement in the gaming industry.

UC’s Online Associate of Science in Gaming Program will prepare you to:

  • Apply the fundamentals of interactive/UX design
  • Develop your approach to the lifecycle of game development
  • Apply game programming concepts to real-world gaming applications
  • Leverage web design tools within video game design/development

The curriculum for the online associate’s in game design will immerse you in key topics such as web design, interactive/UX design, fundamentals of databases and object oriented programming. This 60-credit game design degree program requires 18 credit hours in core subjects such as web design, video game programming, and game development.

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