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Degree Requirements

Students will complete 24 credit hours through the General Studies core and concentration requirements:

Required General Studies Courses: (12 hours)

Concentration (12 hours) Students will select one from the following emphases:

Option 1: Business
Courses with a BADM or BACC prefix

Option 2: Health and Fitness
Courses with a ESS, HESS, or HLTH prefix

Option 3: Behavioral Sciences
Courses with a COUN, HLTH, HSRV, CRJS, or PSYC prefix

Option 4: Education
Courses with a EDUC, ELEM, IECE, or SPED prefix

Option 5: Information Science and Technology
Courses with a ITSS, ITSC, ITSM, or ITSI prefix

Option 6: Media Studies
Courses with a COMM, JOUR, or IDC prefix

Option 7: Christian Studies
Courses with a MSMN prefix

Option 8: Humanities and Social Sciences
Courses with a HIST, ENGL, SPAN, THRT, MUSC, MUED, ART, POLS, or SOCI prefix

Option 9: STEM
Courses with a BIOL, PHYS, CHEM, or MATH prefix

Option 10: Healthcare
Courses with a NUR or AHS prefix

General Education Requirements

For a full list of course offerings, visit our Academic Catalog page.