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Bachelor of Applied Science Online Degree

Are you established in your career field and want to take it to the next level? Maybe you’re looking for a way to just get your foot in the door of a tech career. Either way, the perfect solution for your career goals just might be the Bachelor of Applied Science online degree from University of the Cumberlands.

Mission and Goals

he purpose of the Bachelor of Applied Science Online Degree is to prepare students for careers in the technology fields that most closely align with their chosen area of study. The Online BAS degree will provide a technical degree for those wishing to pursue an applied/technical route.

The Bachelor of Applied Science online degree program is purposefully designed toward the application needs of career fields related to your area of study. As an online BAS student you will focus on your chosen area of study to:

  • Gain a core knowledge base
  • Strengthen critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Develop core professional skills necessary to any career field
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Learn applied approaches, tactics and techniques useful in relevant career fields
  • Build confidence and enhance leadership skills

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A Bachelor of Applied Science Degree enhances your management & leadership skills and expands your technical abilities in your chosen career area: Accounting, Coaching, Public Health, Business, IT, Criminal Justice, and more. This technical degree is designed to meet the needs of each field.

This 100 percent online bachelor’s degree program in applied science was built with working professionals exactly like you in mind. It gives you the applied science classes, concentrations, and convenience you need to pursue a career-boosting degree on your terms. Plus, it’s the first and only BAS program offered in the state of Kentucky, online or on campus.

Coursework for your Bachelor of Applied Science online degree is purposefully designed to help meet the strategic needs of some of today’s top fields. By engaging you in the concepts, approaches, and tactics in the field, your BS in Applied Science will help you learn what it takes to enhance your management and leadership skills and expand your technical abilities in the following areas of concentration:

  • Accounting
    Get the insight and information you need to pursue a career in accounting or finance through this applied science online accounting degree. 
  • Allied Health
    Let a bachelor's degree in allied health advance your healthcare-related career. From core courses that offer a deeper understanding of foundational health issues to electives with hands-on clinical requirements, you will get the education you need to succeed.
  • Business Administration
    From the back office to the corner office, professionals in every industry can benefit from an applied science degree with an emphasis in business administration. You even have the opportunity to pursue concentrations in Business Administration, Finance, Strategic Marketing, and Retail Marketing.
  • Coaching
    Take your coaching career to the next level with this concentration for your applied science bachelor’s degree.
  • Communication Arts
    If you have a love for clear, responsible communication and a desire to explore career options ranging from education to business to social media, you should begin with an education in communication. Students can choose from three program concentrations including advertising and public relations; journalism; and integrated communication. 
  • Criminal Justice
    If you want to advance your career in law enforcement or corrections, a bachelor of applied science built on criminal justice courses can help get you there.
  • Gaming
    Is gaming more than a recreational hobby for you? Are you considering a career in the gaming industry. A gaming degree can help you develop end-to-end expertise across game development, as well as an expanded understanding of the field in the context of its social and cultural impact.
  • General Studies
    Are you looking for a program that lets you customize your degree to your career goals? The General Studies major for the Bachelor of Applied Science program is the answer. Pick your concentration from options like Business, Health and Fitness, Behavioral Sciences, Education, Information Science and Technology, Media Studies, Christian Studies, Humanities, and Social Sciences or Healthcare. Then, round out your degree with your choice of any number of strategic electives.
  • Human Services
    Are you prepared to help others when they need help most? Get insights and gain the skills you need to give others a helping hand.
  • Information Technology
    Break into a high-tech career with an applied science information technology degree.
  • Missions & Ministries
    You have a heart for service ministry. Help your heart to the job right with an applied science degree in missions and ministries.
  • Public Health
    Open up a host of career possibilities with an applied science degree in public health.

And you may be closer to graduation than you think!
Through our prior learning assessment process, we’ll look at your previous educational experiences for professional licensure and certifications, as well as earlier college coursework, for transfer credit into the online BAS program.

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Degree Requirements for an Applied Science Degree

General Education Sections

  • Christian Faith
  • Writing Competence
  • Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning
  • Humanities and the Arts
  • Historical and Cultural Understanding
  • Aesthetic Appreciation
  • Social and Professional Awareness

Applied Science Concentrations

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Accounting Concentration 

Accounting Core Requirements (60 Credit Hours):

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Allied Health Concentration 

Required Courses (27 hours)

Elective Courses (9 hours)

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Business Administration Concentration 

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Coaching Concentration 

Coaching Core Requirements (37 Credit Hours):

Three hours of upper-level ESS, HESS electives

 Bachelor's Core Requirements - Criminal Justice Concentration 

Criminal Justice Core Requirements (54 Combined Credit Hours)

Core Requirements (27 Credit Hours):

Core Electives (9 Credit Hours) - Three of the following:

*With permission of the Department Chair, CRJS 439 and CRJS 490 may be taken twice.

Completion of classes within one of the Special Areas of Concentration (18 Credit Hours):

  • Law Enforcement Management
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Forensics
  • Chaplain / Prison Ministries

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Gaming Concentration

Bachelor's Core Requirements - General Studies 

General Studies Core Requirements (27 Combined Credit Hours)
Required General Studies Courses: (12 hours)

Concentration (15 hours, 9 or more must be 300 or 400 level) Students will select one from the following emphases:

  • Option 1: Business
    Courses with a BADM or BACC prefix
  • Option 2: Health and Fitness
    Courses with a ESS, HESS, or HLTH prefix
  • Option 3: Behavioral Sciences
    Courses with a COUN, HLTH, HSRV, CRJS, or PSYC prefix
  • Option 4: Education
    Courses with a EDUC, ELEM, IECE, or SPED prefix
  • Option 5: Information Science and Technology
    Courses with a ITSS, ITSC, ITSM, or ITSI prefix
  • Option 6: Media Studies
    Courses with a COMM, JOUR, or IDC prefix
  • Option 7: Christian Studies
    Courses with a MSMN prefix
  • Option 8: Humanities and Social Sciences
    Courses with a HIST, ENGL, SPAN, THRT, MUSC, MUED, ART, POLS, or SOCI prefix
  • Option 9: STEM
    Courses with a BIOL, PHYS, CHEM, or MATH prefix
  • Option 10: Healthcare
    Courses with a NUR or AHS prefix

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Human Services Concentration 

Human Services Core Requirements (33 Credit Hours):

One of the following:

* Internshipis recommended and an invaluable tool to prepare students for employment in the human services field. Students who choose not to take internship must complete HSRV 439 and another 300 or 400 level course in this department that is approved by the student's advisor. 

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Information Technology Concentration 

IT Common Core Courses (36 Credit Hours)

Plus six hours of electives from ITS

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Missions and Ministries Concentration 

Core Courses (13 hours)

Additional Required Courses (9 hours)

Electives (9 hours) from any other MSMN courses

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Psychology Concentration 

Required Core Courses-16 hours

Electives-24 hours from the following:

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Public Health Concentration 

Track 1: Internship Option

Track 2: Non-Internship Option

Nine hours of upper-level HLTH and/or HESS electives, or those approved by the Department Chair.

Elective Courses 

Elective courses will make up the remainder of the bachelor's of applied science degree program’s requirements for a total of 120 credit hours. BAS students may choose from any of the courses offered within UCumberlands Online for their electives. If a course has a pre-requisite, as long as the student meets the requirements and has not previously taken it, the class may be taken for credit. Elective choices are vast and not limited to the degree.

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More Information on Applied Science Degree

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