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Bachelor's of Applied Science Degree Requirements

As part of University of the Cumberlands’ Bachelor of Applied Science online degree requirements, each student must complete at least 120 semester hours, including those within the major and the coursework required to fulfill the degree requirements within:

  • General Education - 30 semester hours required
  • Bachelor's Core Requirements - hours required varies by concentration
  • Elective Courses - make up the remainder of the required credit hours 

General Education Sections

  • Christian Faith
  • Writing Competence
  • Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning
  • Humanities and the Arts
  • Historical and Cultural Understanding
  • Aesthetic Appreciation
  • Social and Professional Awareness

Bachelor's Core Requirements - Criminal Justice Concentration

Criminal Justice Core Requirements (54 Combined Credit Hours)

Core Requirements (27 Credit Hours):

Core Electives (9 Credit Hours) - Three of the following:

*With permission of the Department Chair, CRJS 439 and CRJS 490 may be taken twice.

Completion of classes within one of the Special Areas of Concentration (18 Credit Hours):

  • Law Enforcement Management
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Forensics
  • Chaplain / Prison Ministries

Bachelor's Core Requirements - General Studies

General Studies Core Requirements (27 Combined Credit Hours)
Required General Studies Courses: (12 hours)

Concentration (15 hours, 9 or more must be 300 or 400 level) Students will select one from the following emphases:

  • Option 1: Business
    Courses with a BADM or BACC prefix
  • Option 2: Health and Fitness
    Courses with a ESS, HESS, or HLTH prefix
  • Option 3: Behavioral Sciences
    Courses with a COUN, HLTH, HSRV, CRJS, or PSYC prefix
  • Option 4: Education
    Courses with a EDUC, ELEM, IECE, or SPED prefix
  • Option 5: Information Science and Technology
    Courses with a ITSS, ITSC, ITSM, or ITSI prefix
  • Option 6: Media Studies
    Courses with a COMM, JOUR, or IDC prefix
  • Option 7: Christian Studies
    Courses with a MSMN prefix
  • Option 8: Humanities and Social Sciences
    Courses with a HIST, ENGL, SPAN, THRT, MUSC, MUED, ART, POLS, or SOCI prefix
  • Option 9: STEM
    Courses with a BIOL, PHYS, CHEM, or MATH prefix
  • Option 10: Healthcare
    Courses with a NUR or AHS prefix



Bachelor's Core Requirements - Human Services Concentration

Human Services Core Requirements (33 Credit Hours):

One of the following:

* Internshipis recommended and an invaluable tool to prepare students for employment in the human services field. Students who choose not to take internship must complete HSRV 439 and another 300 or 400 level course in this department that is approved by the student's advisor. 

Elective Courses

Elective courses will make up the remainder of the bachelor's of applied science degree program’s requirements for a total of 120 credit hours. BAS students may choose from any of the courses offered within UCumberlands Online for their electives. If a course has a pre-requisite, as long as the student meets the requirements and has not previously taken it, the class may be taken for credit. Elective choices are vast and not limited to the degree.

General Education Requirements

For a full list of course offerings, visit our Academic Catalog page.