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Pre-Physician Assistant Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology - Pre-Physician Assistant Emphasis

Pre-Physician Assistant Curriculum 
Undergraduate students interested in applying for early admission to the University’s Master of Physician Assistant 
Studies (MPAS) program must complete the following coursework in total or in part at the University of the Cumberlands as 
Pre-PA Biology majors. Additionally, students must complete all requirements of the General Education curriculum   for undergraduates as outlined in the University of the Cumberlands Undergraduate catalog. Admission is made during the third year of undergraduate study. Students must complete all PA admissions requirements by time of application. Completion of the Pre-PA curriculum does not ensure acceptance into the MPAS program. 

Students who complete the Pre-Professional PA curriculum but do not continue on to the Professional phase of the PA program will need a total of 35 hours of biology courses (those listed below, plus BIOL 495 or BIOL 498, and either 6 or 10 additional hours of biology electives), 7 hours of allied science courses, and elective classes to complete the 128 hours needed to attain a Bachelor of Science with a major in biology. Alternatively, students can complete a Biology of Science degree in Independent Directions with a focus on applied health sciences. A third alternative is to complete a Bachelor of General Studies degree. Information on these alternatives may be found elsewhere in this catalog. 

Students who successfully complete the pre-physician assistant curriculum and are accepted into the MPAS program are awarded a Bachelor of Health Science degree by the University after the successful completion of the first year of didactic coursework in the MPAS program. Students are then awarded the Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree after the successful completion of the second year of coursework. 

The following courses are required prior to application for Pre-professional students: 

Additional 6 or 10 credits of 300 or 400 level Biology courses 
Upper-level Psychology courses 
College Algebra OR higher Math or Statistics 

General Education Requirements

For a full list of course offerings, visit our Academic Catalog page.