It’s your time to shine on stage and immerse yourself in the world of theatre.

If you feel called to the spotlight and would like to pursue a career in the dramatic arts, consider this your cue to join the theatre arts program at University of the Cumberlands. Our Theatre Arts Minor program will provide you with a solid foundation in the theatre world. From performance, design, and technology to history and literature, you will be equipped with all the knowledge and skills you need to shine in theatre. It’s time for you to take the stage with this comprehensive and exciting theatre arts minor.


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Programs & Requirements

Programs & Requirements

* The credit hours listed on this page only reference the specific program requirements and is not reflective of the total hours necessary to receive your degree. Cumberlands requires all students obtain a minimum of 60 hours for an associate’s degree and a total of 120 hours for a bachelor’s degree. Transfer and prior learning credits may be counted toward those totals.

To learn more about our General Education Requirements, please visit the page referenced below or explore our Academic Catalog

General Education Requirements

Minor in Theatre Arts

While studying theatre arts at University of the Cumberlands, you will experience courses and volunteer opportunities that teach you different aspects of theatre, including both the performance and the technical sides. The classes in this program explore acting, directing, design, theatre history, and group collaboration. Each class is hands-on, allowing you to physically practice the craft and immerse yourself in the theatre arts experience. In many classes, you will be expected to collaborate with others in acting, improvisation, projects, and playwriting, which refines your communication and teamwork skills – skills every employer looks for. 


 You will also be given the opportunity to showcase your talent to the world by being involved in performances in the Kohn Theatre. Whether you prefer performing or behind-the-scenes technical work, you’ll get to practice your skills in real-life scenarios. The Kohn Theatre is equipped with a scene shop, storage rooms, backstage dressing rooms, a sound and lighting booth, and a proscenium stage that can be modified for you to work with as you gain theatre experience.  

Course Requirements

  • THTR 130     Introduction to Theatre  
  • THTR 131     Acting I 
  • THTR 135     Theatrical Design 
  • THTR 231     Devised Theatre  
  • THTR 335     Applied Theatre 
  • THTR 420     Professional Portfolio (1 hour) 
  • THTR 431     Principles of Directing  
  • THTR 437     Improvisation 
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Program Mission

The mission of the theatre arts program at University of the Cumberlands is to provide you with fundamental understanding and appreciation of theatre performance, history, literature, and technology.

Appreciation for the art of theatre, its literature, history, and its social and cultural significance.
Refined abilities as a creative artist and critical thinker.
Better performance, production, and design skills.
All you need to pursue graduate studies or a career in theatre or related fields
Stronger leadership, problem-solving, and organizational skills.
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Theatre Arts Careers & Outcomes

All stats from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Actor/Performer: $23.48 per hour

Actor/Performer: $23.48 per hour

Acting in live or filmed productions. Most Theatre Arts graduates go on to be actors in commercial theatres or traveling-theatres but can sometimes make it into bigger productions (even on Broadway!), and in television and film.  

Director/Producer: $79,00

Director/Producer: $79,00

This deals with the business side of theatre, such as maintaining rights to plays, marketing, budgeting, hiring, booking, etc. A director will be working with the actors and providing them with stage instructions. You will also work with designers to make sure your visions for the production are constructed such as the set design or costume design.  

 Costume Designer/ aids: $55,070

 Costume Designer/ aids: $55,070

Designs or selects the costumes that actors will wear on the stage or on a set. Will also make sure the actors are properly fitted to their costumes and may help them change in and out of their costumes.   

 Makeup Artist: $93,850

 Makeup Artist: $93,850

 Applies makeup to the actors and removes makeup when actors are finished performing. Theatrical makeup artists also make creative decisions, like ensuring the makeup look reflects the character the actor is conveying.  


Lighting Technician: $74,020

Lighting Technician: $74,020

In charge of setting up and working the lights that are used on stage or on a set. During live performances, lighting technicians operate the light board in the light booth and must be comfortable being up-on a lighting grid that is located above the stage.  

Post-secondary Instructor:  $77,820

Post-secondary Instructor:  $77,820

Teaching college level classes related to theatre and training actors.

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Common Questions

Of course! The Department of Theatre Arts presents live shows every year on campus in the Kohn Theatre. You can audition for any show and see what happens! And did we mention that enrolling in the Applied Theatre class, which gives you 3 credit hours toward your minor, also gives you the perfect opportunity to perform in a live production? 

Although you will still be required take performance-based classes, you will also learn the technical side of theatre through the curriculum, and there will be opportunities to practice your technical skills in live productions. You can run the lighting, sound, or props, for instance – all absolutely necessary, and all behind the scenes.  

Yes! First, you need to pass our Principles of Directing class. It teaches all the essentials about directing and gives you the chance to prove that you can work well with your actors. If you earn a “B” grade or above in the class, and if your actors from the class give you good enough reviews, you’ll be eligible to direct a live theatre production on campus! 

One of your required classes for the theatre arts minor is Devised Theatre, in which you will work with a group to collaboratively write a play that will be performed in the next fall semester. If you would like to write a play individually, you can discuss the play with your theatre arts instructor to determine eligibility. It’s the perfect chance to hone your writing skills and see theatre from a different angle. Write away! 

That is perfectly okay! You do not have to have prior theatre experience to be part of the theatre arts program. Throughout the program, you will gradually learn the skills to allow you to perform with confidence on stage and/or work with a technical aspect of a production. 

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The Theatre Department here at UC creates a safe space for me to be any version of myself, or not-so-much myself, that I choose to be.

Hannah Mae Sizemore
Theatre Arts Student
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Faculty Experts in Theatre

Learn more about the theatre professors you will interact with. 

Dr. Kimberly Miller

Dr. Kimberly Miller

Associate Professor
Communication Arts
Theatre Arts

Dr. Kimberly Miller

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