From morning devotionals to evening commutes, the right podcast can add a much-needed element of spirituality to your day, while also providing the encouragement and insight you need when the going gets tough. Over time, relatable podcast hosts may come to feel like trusted friends and confidants. Despite these benefits, many Christian students remain unaware of the wealth of amazing Christian podcasts that are currently available for download or streaming.

If you're on the hunt for Christian podcasts that enlighten and entertain, give the following favorites a listen:

1. BibleProject

As one of today's most popular and respected Christian podcasts, BibleProject offers a compelling take on several of the most fascinating and complicated lessons from the Bible. This nonprofit organization's series strives to make Scripture as approachable and transformative as possible. Led by theologian Tim Mackie and faith-driven entrepreneur Jon Collins, this podcast explores tough concepts from a Biblical, yet culturally relevant perspective.

2. Exploring My Strange Bible

Another favorite from Tim Mackie, this collection of lectures and sermons will delight any Bible nerd. It includes over ten years’ worth of teachings that emphasize the strangest, yet most wonderful aspects of the Bible. Intriguing discussions reference:

  • A panic attack experienced by Jesus shortly before he was arrested and executed.
  • John the Baptist's beheading as carried out by the royal family.
  • The ancient practice of fasting, its relevance today, and contrasts with feasting.

Exploring My Strange Bible doesn't shy away from difficult or uncomfortable topics, but instead, delves into determine how the most complicated stories can help us in our own lives. While the podcast is currently on pause, previous episodes are still accessible from a variety of apps.

3. Unbelievable

Exploring doubt is one of the best ways to achieve a stronger and richer faith. This aim lies at the heart of the podcast Unbelievable, which highlights a variety of perspectives on topics such as cancel culture, political idolatry, and evolution. The podcast brings together believers and non-believers for candid conversations that are sure to provoke deep thinking among all types of listeners. Episodes often extend well past an hour, so save them for when you have plenty of time to concentrate on the show's meaningful discussions.

4. Good Christian Fun

If you're on the hunt for a light-hearted podcast that you can listen to when you want to unwind, look no further than Good Christian Fun. While the show attracts attention from skeptics and believers alike, it offers a lot to consider for Christians who find faith-driven pop culture both amusing and enjoyable. The podcast's hosts chat with a variety of noteworthy musicians, writers, and comedians about faith-driven songs, productions, and other works of art. Nothing is off-limits—not even classic episodes of Veggie Tales.

5. Morning Mindset

Perhaps you don't have time to dedicate to lengthy podcast episodes. No worries—you'll have no trouble setting aside a few minutes each day for the Morning Mindset podcast. This quick devotional provides a brief "shot in the soul" to prepare you for a wonderful day. Every day, it provides a meaningful message from books such as Acts, Romans, and John. You'll emerge feeling inspired to let your faith guide you through the new challenges and opportunities that each day presents.

6. The Beautifully Enough Podcast

Today's Christian women often suffer a major lack of confidence, perhaps sparked by conflicting messages about how they should look, think, and behave. As one of the best Christian podcasts for women, Beautifully Enough tears down the lies females tell themselves when struggling with negative self-talk, and instead, provides a powerful message of hope that can replace problematic mental chatter. Topics such as body image, backsliding faith, and relationship struggles should be relatable for a wide variety of listeners but are especially compelling to the many young women who look forward to new episodes each week.

7. Men Unplugged

Podcasts targeted at young women abound, but there is just as strong of a need for their male counterparts. Men Unplugged fills this niche and is widely regarded as one of the best Christian podcasts for men. Designed to remove the guesswork from the concept of Biblical manhood, this podcast includes weekly interviews along with actionable steps that men can take to ignite their faith and be an asset to their respective communities.

8. The Christian Habits Podcast

A practical, hands-on podcast that promotes change by empowering listeners to ditch bad habits, this show addresses the concept of goal setting from a faith-based perspective. It dives into a variety of common concerns, such as procrastination, people-pleasing, food fixation, and fear of failure. It also teaches useful strategies such as habit stacking, which can help Christians stick with positive practices such as reading the Bible every day.

9. Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Host Pete Scazzero found himself in crisis mode over 25 years ago, when, as a seemingly successful pastor, he realized that his inner life with God was suffering. This launched his mission to help individuals and churches forge deeper and more meaningful relationships with Christ. In his Emotionally Healthy Discipleship podcast, he reflects on all he's learned while also helping listeners pay attention to God's presence in their current lives—even in challenging times.

10. Bible Recap

Many Christians set the ambitious goal of reading and reflecting on the entire Bible. All too often, however, they struggle to get beyond Genesis. This podcast provides valuable assistance to help readers maintain their Bible commitments—and just as importantly, to help them understand what they've read.

Hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble (who has read the Bible chronologically nearly ten times), each episode provides an assigned reading, as well as reflections to be listened to after completing the required passage. While this podcast can be enjoyed alone, it's even better as part of the routine for an online or in-person Bible group.

11. Revived Thoughts

While many of the podcasts highlighted above focus on contemporary issues, there's also value in looking back to historic sermons, in which many teachings remain relevant to this day. These are easy to access and enjoy when you check out the Revived Thoughts podcast, which highlights "heroes of the faith" in hopes of helping listeners achieve the spiritual growth they crave. Each sermon is carefully selected to expose listeners to "preaching that is rich in wisdom." Featured sermons come from such important figures as Charles Spurgeon, John Winthrop, and Hudson Taylor.

12. Virtue in the Wasteland

Navigating today's cultural landscape can feel overwhelming at times, but it may seem more manageable if you listen to the Virtue in the Wasteland podcast. Hosted by Dr. Jeff Mallinson and Dr. Daniel van Voorhis, this podcast rarely arrives at concrete conclusions, but it will encourage you to think deeply and discuss important civic and cultural issues with loved ones. While this podcast is no longer producing new episodes, it remains available online—and there is a huge library to explore.

13. Table Talk Radio

Change up your podcast routine with this theological game show, which features such entertaining bits as Prophet, Priest & King, Name That Theologian, and Spin The Wheel Of Catechism Fortune. A little humor can do you a world of good when you're feeling stressed, so this podcast is perfect for letting loose as you relax. You'll also encounter amusing discussions about fertility, immigration, original sin, and a variety of other noteworthy topics.

14. Baqash: Exploring the Old Testament

Many Christians are enthusiastic about the New Testament but struggle to read and discuss the most controversial passages from the Old Testament. This discomfort is understandable in these modern times, but the Old Testament is still an important read. Tackle it with help from this podcast, which explores this oft-neglected half of the Bible one book at a time. This simple but engaging breakdown of the Old Testament will help you understand not only the meaning behind each passage, but also, why these books are still relevant today.

15. The Aeropagus

People of varying faiths can learn quite a bit when they come together to discuss holy practices and ideas. This idea forms the heart of The Aeropagus, which involves regular discussions between a former Orthodox pastor and an Evangelical pastor currently serving in a mainline Protestant church. These friendly and knowledgeable hosts welcome a variety of guests from different religious traditions to their show. Together, they discuss intriguing ideas such as sacred spaces, falling from grace among faith leaders, and spiritual abuse. They also chat about several light-hearted topics, such as theater and science fiction.

Bible podcasts hold the power to inspire, motivate, and educate, all while keeping you entertained. These are among the most accessible and affordable resources you'll find access to as a contemporary Christian. Sample a variety or commit to just one—either way, you'll be glad you explored this amazing form of Christian media.

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