Suppose you have been putting off becoming a nurse practitioner for some time. If that’s the case, you should know that returning to school is worthwhile and may lead to your desired career. For example, you could pursue a Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner and provide direct patient care without the oversight of a physician. Still unsure if this is the right move for you? Take a closer look at why becoming a nurse practitioner is such a rewarding decision for so many.

Education That Doesn’t Take Forever

Many people don’t want to return to school because it seems like such a long process. Becoming a nurse practitioner doesn’t have to be.

1: Feel like a doctor without a crazy amount of schooling

Becoming a nurse practitioner enables you to provide many of the same services that doctors offer, but you do so without spending nearly a decade in medical school. For those who want to serve people and provide medical care, an MSN-FNP is the best route to take.

2: Work full-time while you become an MSN-FNP

Because you can complete your Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner program in the evenings and even online, you may be able to continue working full-time while you learn. That enables you to continue your education without pausing your career.

3: Get hands-on experience with a clinical education

For those already working in the field, it’s possible to get the necessary hands-on experience while learning your degree. That means less time spent on the process and more time spent building up your ability to work with patients.

Job Outlook for MSN-FNP

What about the market? Can you get a job as an NP?

4: Your job is secure

Undoubtedly, demand for those working at this level is high – everyone wants an MSN-FNP. That means that if you have put off your education for some time and find yourself stuck without room for advancement, completing your education could open a world of opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the need for nurse practitioners will grow by 40% from 2021 to 2031, which is much faster than the average for all professions.

5: You can find work no matter where you go

NPs are in demand by many hospital systems and medical practices because they can provide some of the best care to patients and offer comprehensive treatment. In many areas with a shortage of doctors, NPs are vital in providing routine medical care.

6: Pick your specialty right when you enter the field

An MSN-FNP is a versatile degree. Whether you want to work with people at all stages of life or in a specific area of care, there is demand and opportunity. You can choose any specialty that interests you.

7: Shape the future of healthcare facilities

With their growing importance within medical practices and hospital systems, nurse practitioners are very much leaders in their field. If you long to influence how medical and healthcare facilities are managed and wish to improve the conditions for nursing teams, this is one way to do it.

8: Bring in the dough and make more money

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the 2021 median pay for a nurse practitioner was $123,780 per year or $59.51 per hour. Once you obtain your master’s degree, you can build up your earnings, especially as you take on more advanced leadership positions.

Have Your Nursing Career the Way You Want It

There’s more flexibility in this type of program than you may realize. Consider a few of the reasons why becoming a nurse practitioner makes sense in these situations.

9: Have your own practice

As a nurse practitioner, you could build your own practice, providing care to those who need it in your own way. Nurse practitioners are able to follow patients from birth through their senior years, allowing them to build lengthy, trusting relationships with their patients.

10: You can work in many different geographic locations

If you want to change locations, great news - NPs are in demand throughout the U.S. There is no reason not to move. Should you decide to do so, you can find a job and build a practice anywhere.

11: You’ll never get bored in your field

NPs deal with the healthcare of people from all walks of life and have to consistently provide versatile care to meet current demands. NPs have the ability to explore a wide range of practice areas.

12: Because of your career, you’ll be respected

NPs are very much respected professionals. They can provide many of the same types and levels of care as a traditional doctor, which elevates their overall status among nursing professionals.

13: Plan your work schedule

If you establish your own practice, you gain more control over your work, which also means when you work. You can control your schedule more, which most nurses don’t get to do.

14: Love teaching? Do both.

One of the best things about becoming a nurse practitioner is that you can foster and support the education, training, and growth of others. With so much demand, having a team that you can rely on and that you train is invaluable.

15: Love to travel? Do both.

As an NP, you could spend more time traveling. Whether you want to travel and work providing services as a mission or you want to travel several months of the year, you’re more in control when you become an NP.

16: You get to feel the rush of it all

There’s no doubt that being able to help people is a rush – and when you are behind the decisions being made to provide care to those individuals, it’s even more incredible.

17: Feel a sense of rewarding

While the rush may be something you’re seeking, don’t ignore the ability to feel rewarded. There’s nothing quite like building a practice where you get to know others personally and build relationships. You may spend some time-saving lives, too!

18: Administer holistic patient care

NPs can play a role in providing holistic and science-based care. For many people, holistic care is a valuable and desirable way to live. You can help encourage that type of healing.

19: Take your career abroad

Though each country has its own educational and licensing requirements, becoming an NP means gaining access to some of the best opportunities worldwide.

Assist in Political Direction

There’s a need for nurses to be a part of politics. You can be a component of that change.

20: Interested in nursing and politics? Why not do both?

Imagine being able to play a role not just in leading change within your community but also on a broader scale. If you want to influence change in the healthcare industry, this is one of the best ways to do that.

21: Help with insight into healthcare policies

Who knows the needs of patients better than NPs? Why not play a role in supporting the needs of your community by helping to shape healthcare policies?
Work with People and Your Community

You have an opportunity to make a difference

22: You can help and work with actual people

NPs provide a very hands-on level of care to patients. This is what makes it such a unique opportunity for so many.

23: Build relationships with your patients

You could spend decades providing care to the same people. That fosters a long-term commitment and enables you to influence their long-term well-being.

24: As an MSN-FNP, you get to work with everyone from children to teens and adults

Beyond any doubt, it can be enjoyable to have so much flexibility within your practice. You can help see new babies born while guiding people through their teen and adult years. This increases the range of care you’ll provide, too.

25: Make a difference in your community

Many communities need those who have more advanced skills in the healthcare industry. If you want to make a difference in a very significant manner, become an NP and provide others with the care they need.

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