Memorial Day

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If you listed the five most influential adults in your life, apart from family members, chances are good that at least one of those adults would be a teacher. The role of educators in society is one of the most important because teachers literally shape the future of society by shaping the minds of its youth. There are few career paths that have quite as much intrinsic reward as working in education. Here are some specific reasons why becoming an educator is a great choice to make, both for yourself, the students you impact, and the future of society.

1.    Spark Interest in School Subjects and Activities

Some kids enter school with a natural desire to participate and learn. Others, however, do not have this natural inclination toward academics. Sometimes, certain school subjects seem boring or difficult for a child to grasp. As a teacher, you can help spark an interest in school subjects and activities. The role of a teacher to inspire a love of learning is one of the most critical parts of the job, and it can be one of the most rewarding, too.

Think back to your own academic experiences. Perhaps there was a subject that was difficult for you. When you had a hang-up that you could not seem to get past, there was likely a teacher that came alongside you and provided the support and encouragement to keep going. That teacher may have even created a passion for the subject in your mind by showing you not only that you could do it but also that you could enjoy it.

If you become a teacher, you can inspire this same type of interest in your own students with creative motivation and unique lesson planning. By showing them how a subject they don’t like or excel in can be fun, you can have a part in raising a new generation of learners that are willing to push through challenges and find success.

2.    Students Are Capable of Functioning in Society

Many adults view children as less than capable members of society, but as an educator, you will quickly see that this is not the case. Children are capable of having a functional role in society, and often it is the youth that inspires the most change in communities when they become passionate about a topic or cause. Teachers have a role in shaping these young members of society to help them play an even bigger role in the community.

Consider the story of Sammie, a 9-year-old girl who noticed some people were lonely at recess at her school. With the help of her teachers and classmates, she began to collect bottle caps, and she had those bottle caps made into a bench that she called the “Buddy Bench.” The bench was placed on school grounds, and anyone who needed a friend to play with could sit there so other students could include them in their games. Not only did she raise enough funds and collect enough bottle caps to make three buddy benches for her school, but she launched a campaign that spread awareness for buddy benches throughout the country. This story shows how children are functional, capable members of society and the importance of teachers guiding and encouraging their abilities.

When students have an amazing teacher in their life, they are inspired to push themselves further and achieve more. They are also shown how they are capable of functioning in society. In this way, by becoming a teacher, you can have a great impact on society. By teaching children how to function in society and inspiring them to try their very best in everything they do, you can improve the future of your entire community.

3.    Develop Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Kids need more than just rote memorization work when they go to school. While they do need to learn their multiplication tables and how to spell words, they also need to learn how to problem solve. As a teacher, you will be able to help children develop those problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, both of which are vital in all areas of life. 

Long after your students graduate and forget the capital of the nation of Turkey or how to figure the Pythagorean theorem, they will be able to use the problem-solving skills they learned in school. When one of your students faces a problem as an adult, the ability to think critically is often the only way they will get through it. As a teacher, you will be the one who helps them develop and grow those skills. When you see them succeeding and putting those problem-solving skills to use as adults, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

4.    Help Shape the Future of Our Nation

President John F. Kennedy once said, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” When you invest in children, you are shaping the future of our nation. By giving kids a solid educational foundation coupled with emotional support, you can improve the trajectory of the future.

When you have children in your care six hours a day, you have ample time to teach more than just math and reading. You must teach them ethics, how to work hard, and how to persevere in spite of challenges. Teachers also have the power to teach kindness, empathy, and other important social and emotional skills. The classroom is an ideal place to teach these skills, and by doing so, you will have a hand in helping produce a better, kinder society.

5.    Give Children the Opportunity for a Successful and Happy Life

Everything a teacher does, from grading basic assignments to caring for skinned knees after recess, has a part in helping a child develop into their future self. If you are considering a career in education, then chances are high that you already have a love for children or teenagers. You love seeing them succeed in the classroom and experiencing those light bulb moments when a difficult concept finally makes sense. There are few feelings in the world that take the place of that, and it is one you can experience nearly every day.

Yet you are giving children more than just those classroom experiences. As an educator, you will give them the foundation they need to live a successful, happy life as an adult. Many teachers report running into their students as adults, meeting their families, and seeing how well they have done for themselves. You will gain significant amounts of satisfaction knowing you had a role to play in helping each of your students find the happy, fulfilling future they want.

Get Started on Your Path Toward Teaching Today

If you are inspired to consider education for your career, or if you are already an educator who is ready to improve your skills through graduate training, University of the Cumberlands has a program for you. Our elementary school teaching degree will give you the foundation you need to step into the classroom confidently, inspiring young children to be their best selves. If you already have a degree, then our Master of Arts in Teaching could help you expand those skills.

The role of educators in society cannot be overstated. Without skilled teachers, the entire community would fail. Whether you need a bachelor’s degree in education or an MAT degree, University of the Cumberlands can assist. Reach out to our admissions team today to learn how you can start on the path toward a successful and rewarding teaching career with help from University of the Cumberlands.