Written by Erika Taylor, ’24

Submitted by Erika Taylor, ’24 

When looking for the right school for you, on-campus activities play a big role in the decision. Small schools may not offer all the activities you want, and you may get overwhelmed by all the options at big schools. Here at Cumberlands, we make sure you have plenty of options without making it completely overwhelming.  

Here are a few activities that will make your days more exciting:

Sand Volleyball

Students at Cumberlands love finding ways to spend time outside, and sand volleyball just hits right. We have two outdoor volleyball courts on campus, one located in Patriot Park and the other by Rob-Cook Hall. Odds are that on good-weather nights, someone will be on the courts enjoying volleyball with their friends.


Bingo is not just for senior citizens, especially when the prizes range from Walmart gift cards (gotta have those snacks) to a brand-new Nintendo Switch (yes, really). Cumberlands takes Bingo seriously, and it’s always a great evening. A few times each school year, UC’s CAB (Campus Activities Board) puts on these events, encouraging students to come hang out together and win amazing prizes.


Who doesn’t love Ferris wheels, swings, and snow cones? In past years, UC has welcomed Under the Big Top to campus, a mini carnival experience for students to enjoy. It’s a blast every time they come. You’ll want to be on campus those weekends.

Sporting Events

Cumberlands has a lot of phenomenal athletic teams. It’s not uncommon for them to break records or bring home championships. I’ll tell you from experience, it means the world to athletes to see their classmates in the stands, and it’s a lot of fun to cheer on your friends! Many teams compete on campus, so you don’t have to drive far at all to see the action.


Have you ever wanted to watch American Idol in person? This is your chance! Each year, UC hosts Spotlight, our own singing competition complete with cash prizes for the top three finalists. The theme for the song choices changes weekly, ranging from student choice to judges’ choice to specific decades, and more. Students and judges vote for who stays and who goes, making this a thrilling event to attend.  


Students at UC love spending time outside. We use anything we can to put up our hammocks and spend the afternoons swinging in the sunshine. For several years, students used so many trees on campus for hammocking that someone in the administration took note, and now we have perfect-width, well-placed hammocking poles right in Patriot Park. When you and your friends want to spend time together outdoors, grab your hammock and head out! 


All the heart-pounding fun of sports and games with none of the pressure of joining a university team. You could be our next ping-pong champion. Or cornhole champion. Or spikeball, or 3-on-3 basketball, or ultimate Frisbee, or any number of other intramural sports! We’ve even hosted tournaments for Mario Kart and Madden.

Dorm Life Events

Our Residence Life staff do a great job at planning events throughout the semester. Videogame tournaments, crafts, snacks, movie nights, pizza parties – the list is endless. Be on the lookout for flyers in your dorm announcing the next fun event and join your friends from other dorms when their residence hall has its events.

Of course, these aren’t all the activities that are within walking distance; Williamsburg has plenty of other options nearby, especially restaurants and boutiques. But hopefully this list gives you a good idea of the kinds of things we like to do for fun right here on campus. 

College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These few years are some of the most impactful of your life. So, bring your friends to these campus activities, try something new, make memories, and – most important – have tons of fun enjoying your college experience!