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Written by Beatriz “Bia” De Souza, ’24

Submitted by Beatriz “Bia” De Souza, ’24 

I have been living in the United States for two years now. I moved here from Brazil during my sophomore year of college. Before moving to America, I had visited a few times as a kid, but I always went to Disney World or some other part of Florida, never any other state. After moving to Kentucky and visiting many other states, I learned a lot about the American culture, though I still appreciate many things from my Brazilian culture. Here are a few things that I like most about America and about Brazil, based on my experience.

Since moving to America and living in a southern state, I can say that one of the things I like most about this region is the southern hospitality. People smile at you in the streets, always say "Have a good one!" after leaving the elevator, hold the door for you even if you are far away, and are very hospitable to those around you. I also love how good the infrastructure is here. Everything works. The streets are usually with almost no holes or bumps, people follow the rules more, and it is easy to find yourself when lost because there are signs everywhere. Some other things I really like are that the cost of living here is cheaper than in Brazil, and everything is so practical. 

Now, Brazil has a lot of good things too! My favorite thing about my country is nothing more and nothing less than food. I love Brazilian food! It is so rich, and there is so much variety that I have not even tried all the typical meals of Brazil. For those curious what those are, look for Brazilian steakhouses near you. They are expensive, not going to lie, but they are so worth it. Additionally, not only do we have warm temperatures, but also I love the warm culture of Brazil. We hug more, touch more, and spend more time together. Our clock does not go as fast as the American one when we are in social gatherings. Events do not usually have a time to end. When we have a meal, we do not rush to the next thing. We sit down and talk for a long time. Hours, if we can! I also love the music, and I love the parties.

Both countries have amazing things. Both are really particular, and that can differ from where in the country you are. But I have to admit that the famous phrase is true: A place is only as good as the people you have around you. America would not be as great without the friends I have close to me, and Brazil would not still be a place I call home if my family was not still there. I am blessed to have people I love in both places. So, at the end of the day, I can’t help but to love them both!