Is a general studies degree a worthwhile option to pursue? For many students, it is! In fact, depending on the type of work or future education plans you have, you may be best suited by the broad education this degree program has to offer.

A general studies degree does not focus on any one profession or industry. Instead, it provides a broad educational experience with some options to customize to it to your, the student’s, passions. This broad knowledge and experience learned actually translates well into many career fields and can set the stage for future educational experiences. Here are some ideas of what you can do with a general studies degree:

1. Jobs in Public Relations

People working in public relations need to be able to work with others well, collaborate in a team environment effectively, and think outside the box to solve real-world problems. While you can find degree programs specific to public relations, they are not necessarily required to succeed in this career.

These are, however, all skills attained in a general studies degree program. If you like to plan events, work with people, and be in the limelight, this could be the right career path to pursue after completing your degree.

2. Jobs in Law Enforcement

While there are specialized degree programs for law enforcement, general studies degrees provide the right foundation for a career in this field, as well. Once you are involved in a law enforcement agency, in-house training gives you opportunities for advancement, so the general studies degree is the right starting point.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police and detectives make an average of $63,380 per year, all while playing a vital role in keeping communities safe, making this a worthwhile degree to pursue.

3. Jobs in Advertising and Sales

A general studies degree may be all you need to succeed in advertising and sales. If you find that you’re a natural sales person but find that your lack of a degree is preventing you from moving up in this field, consider getting a general studies degree to expand your knowledge and open new opportunities.

In this career, you will work one-on-one with clients to help them find products that fit their needs. You need to have natural charisma and the ability to converse well with others to succeed in this career field. Holding an associate or bachelor’s degree can make you stand out when sales jobs come available. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an average salary for sales agents of $51,740 per year, making this a solid career option.

4. Jobs in Customer Service

With a general studies degree, you may be able to get specialized positions in the customer service industry. The communication and problem-solving skills learned in the degree program will translate well into this field. As telephone call centers and online customer service programs continue to expand, the demand for this particular field will grow. In fact, projected growth for call centers is 39 percent from 2014-2024, so this field has excellent job potential.

5. Jobs in Management

If you are already established in a career, but find that you’re often overlooked for management positions, you may need to consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Managerial positions don’t necessarily require a business or specialty degree, but they do often require some degree. A general studies program can give you that degree so you can start applying for jobs in management and move up within your company more effectively. This can open the door to pay increases, as well.

6. Numerous Other Career Fields

Listing all careers that a general studies degree opens the door for is nearly impossible. Because these degrees are broad and customizable, they can set the foundation for most career fields. This is a well-rounded, diversified degree program and is ideal for those who are not yet fully committed to a particular area of specialization.

7. Advanced Degree Work

Sometimes, a general studies degree is the first step towards pursuing advanced degree work. If you’re considering going to law school or medical school, the road often starts with a general studies degree. Other graduate programs also require undergraduate work, and the broad focus of the general studies degree frees you to pursue a large number of graduate programs depending on where your passion takes you in the future.

Get Your General Studies Degree from University of the Cumberlands

If a general studies degree is the right option for your needs, University of the Cumberlands is ready to assist. If you are a busy, working adult, our Associate of Applied Science may be the right fit. Available entirely online, this program is designed to give you skills you can apply immediately in the workforce.

If you're considering a basic degree to set the foundation for additional education, our Associate in General Studies is still a great choice. It offers the foundational education with the right knowledge to move on to a bachelor’s program in the degree field of your choice, such as our Bachelor in General Studies. Available with a focus on the Arts, Music, or Science, the Bachelor’s in General Studies allows you to personalize your training to fit your current career goals or your passions better.

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