Written by Diana Davis '22

As a seasoned Cumberlands senior, there are a few things around campus that I have deemed necessary to do before graduation. These are Cumberlands-specific activities that seem to create the most fun memories. Graduation might grant you Cumberlands’ alum status, but completing this bucket list will solidify your Cumberlands’ experience. Complete this list, and you’ll earn your Cumberlands rite of passage.

1.     Snag a Picture with Patriot Pete, our mascot

You will have ample time to achieve this bucket list item. Whether it be during Welcome Week or him spreading encouragement during finals week, make sure you grab a picture with our beloved Patriot Pete.

2.     Leave Honest Abe a tip (and hope he brings you luck)

The statue of Abraham Lincoln (aka, Honest Abe) is located between Gatliff Chapel and the Bennett Building. Leaving a penny in Abe’s hand is rumored to bring you good luck before a big test. Even if it’s just an old wive’s tale, for some tests, you’ll take all the luck you can get.

3.     Play Bingo

One thing about Cumberlands’ students, we take bingo very seriously. CAB hosts this fun event throughout the semester, and it’s always a big hit. You just have to experience the final game of the night and the pure silence that comes across the student body as everyone mentally prays they win the big prize.

4.     Vote for Spotlight (and maybe even audition)

Spotlight is our version of American Idol, and it’s one of the biggest events across campus. Vote for your favorite contestant! And, if you’re brave enough, you might as well audition for the big show.

5.     Join a life group

Life groups are a great way to meet new people with the same faith as you. These groups build relationships that are hard to beat. They often meet once a week and give you a feel for the community Cumberlands is known for.

6.     Pass out candy for Halloween

Grab a bucket of candy and head to Main Street! Seeing all the kids in the community in their costumes radiates nostalgia and good vibes. Cumberlands’ students line the street and greet the cutest kids you’ll ever see.

7.     Walk/swim through the fountain

Disclaimer… this technically isn’t allowed. So, hear me, I’m not *officially* encouraging you to do this… I’m just saying we all have done it at some point. It’s often done during freshman year, but I’ve seen a few seniors take a dip as well. I did it during finals week my freshman year with some of my best friends. It’s a memory you just need from your time here.

8.     Accidentally nap in public (somehow, we have all fallen asleep in the mid BCC)

College students are tired, that is a given. It’s an unspoken rule to let sleeping students lie. This isn’t a bucket list item you choose to do; it chooses you.

9.     Attend the career fair

We’ve all been. You can get professional headshots done and, even if you aren’t looking for a job yet, it’s fun to get a feel for what’s available in our community and around Kentucky.

10.  Attend a Football game

You’ll never forget your first Patriots game. It’s an experience like no other. You’ll soon realize why we all chant “Pats by 90!”

11.  Paintfest

Another CAB event, but, if you go to any, go to this one. Wear white and come with the goal to leave wearing any other color. The paint waterslide is a sure way to achieve this goal.

12.  Visit Holly Bay/ Laurel Lake

A hot, boring day is the perfect time to mark off this bucket list item. A short 35-minute drive, and you’ll be at your perfect oasis. Laurel Lake is the perfect place to cool off from the Kentucky heat. Bring pizza, your friends, and some (downloaded) tunes, and you’re in for an awesome day. Bonus points if you’re brave enough to dive off the rock.

13.  Visit the Niagara Falls of the South

Cumberland Falls is a little closer than Holly Bay, only 25 minutes from campus, and is the perfect adventure. I’m not much of a hiker, but hiking around Cumberland Falls is a must. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the Moonbow! Fun fact: Cumberland Falls is one of two places in the WORLD that the Moonbow can be seen.

Bonus bucket list items:

  • Attend (or host) Friendsgiving: Because friends are the family you choose. Also because mashed potatoes.
  • Old Fashioned Days: Fried food, cute crafts, and knick-knacks? Yes, please!
  • Volleyball after dark: Not for the faint of heart.
  • Campus treasure hunt: Unleash your inner explorer. Just make sure someone hides the treasure first.
  • Visit the Williamsburg lookout: Wear your hiking boots.
  • Weekend in the ’Burg: Planned by CAB, enjoyed by all.