Submitted by Lane Roberts, ’26 

As students, when we embark on our college journey, finding a sense of community and belonging is crucial to us. The Office of Campus Ministries at University of the Cumberlands provides a space for us as students to connect, grow spiritually, and form meaningful relationships. Here, we can freely and safely explore our faith and values.

Supportive Community

Campus Ministries offers a supportive community divided into four teams: Appalachian Ministries, Evangelism and Discipleship Ministries, Sports Ministries, and Serve Teams. Students can connect with like-minded peers, find a deeper sense of belonging, and forge lasting friendships. 


Campus Ministries provides a support system during the transition to college, a period that can be overwhelming at times. Leaders and members act as mentors, offering guidance and a listening ear for academic stress, relationships, and personal struggles.

Worship and Fellowship

Students can unite and celebrate their faith through worship services, prayer gatherings, and fellowship activities. These nurturing environments bring comfort, encouragement, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. 

Service and Outreach

Our Office of Campus Ministries emphasizes service and outreach, offering mission trips and volunteer opportunities. Engaging in these experiences cultivates personal growth, empathy, and a heart for helping others. 


Joining a campus ministry allows students to build deep and lasting friendships. Shared faith and purpose create strong bonds through small group discussions, retreats, and volunteer activities. 

My personal experience with Campus Ministries at Cumberlands has had an incredible impact on me. Through my work-study position and volunteer leadership position in Appalachian Ministries, I've grown spiritually and developed my leadership abilities. I now have a deeper sense of community and friendships that have enriched my college experience. The Campus Ministries team has been a constant source of support and guidance throughout my college journey, and I believe they will be for you too.