Do you find yourself being the one people often come to for guidance and advice? Do you enjoy working closely with others, supporting them, and motivating them? If so, you may find that being a coach could be your ideal role. Coaching is an important profession in various parts of life, from nutrition and physical therapy to supporting people reach their career goals. It takes a unique person to provide this type of support and guidance to other people.

Are You Ready to Find Your Fit?

Developing the skills necessary to support a coaching career may not seem straightforward. Where do you get started? What should you focus on first?

The first step is determining if you are ready to pursue a degree in this area. A degree could open the door to new opportunities and provide many career paths to consider. Depending on your interests, you may find much freedom in creating a business that fits your goals.

Yet, you may be unsure about the process. Having the time to dedicate to the learning process and getting a coaching degree can be challenging. You may have family and other work responsibilities that make it hard to commit to a traditional four-year college.

The good news is that you can earn an online coaching degree. This type of degree is equal to what you could earn in most traditional school environments, but it allows you to learn at your own pace, taking the process as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

Some of the core benefits that come from taking an online coaching degree include the following:

  •  Flexible scheduling allows you to live life and meet your other responsibilities while learning your degree. For many people, that flexibility is critical to earning their bachelor’s.
  • Live at home. You may not want to leave home or be unable to do so. Attending a four-year college on campus may be out of the question. Yet, in our program, you can live at home and achieve all of your goals.
  • Let school fit within your life. It can be beneficial not to interrupt your life as it is now by having to step away to earn your education. Why not let education fit into your life the way it is now?
  • You may find it more affordable. Without having to pay for room and board, it can cost much less for you to get your bachelor’s degree like this.
  • It will provide you with the same quality of education you can expect from a traditional, on-campus program. You still get all of the support of your peers and faculty members, too.

Consider where you stand right now. Could taking courses online fit into your life? If so, take a closer look at University of the Cumberlands and the online coaching degree available there.

What Will You Learn in UC’s Online Coaching Program?

The online bachelor’s degree in coaching available at University of the Cumberlands allows you to complete a curriculum that offers specialized degree education in far-reaching areas of coaching. You may be able to take courses that interest you and provide you with the skills you need to do a fantastic job.

This may include programs such as:  

  • Sports management
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Officiating games
  • Athletic injuries
  • Coaching and leadership
  • Fitness
  • Athletic injuries

If you are the type of person that enjoys these types of topics, and you want to be there to support others, even as they reach for a professional-level career path, you may want to consider this degree path. Because of the wide range of topics covered in this bachelor’s program, you can stretch your skills and use them in many areas.

This degree path requires the completion of 120 semester hours at least. You can take a wide range of courses, including core requirements and electives. As a formal college program, you will need to meet the school’s admission requirements to get into the program. Some of the credits you may have earned previously may transfer to this program. That can be reviewed to ensure you make the most of those opportunities.

What Career Options Do I Have with an Online Coaching Degree?

There are a lot of potential opportunities to work in the field of coaching. Think back throughout your own life. How many people in various positions have been there to support you and the athletics you’ve been a part of? You could fill just about any of those roles or others in the field. Some examples of careers for coaching programs include the following:

  • Head coach of a sports team
  • Assistant coach of a sports team
  • Sports director of an organization or association
  • Sports management professor
  • Health and physical education instructor
  • Athletics director
  • Rec center manager
  • City government leaders for sports programming

Whether you work with elementary children, adults, or anyone in between, there are many coaching opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that, in 2021, coaches and scouts earned $38,970 per year as their median pay. Those who worked in colleges and universities, professional schools, or local and private industries earned a median annual wage of $48,710. These individuals had a bachelor’s degree. If you want to be a part of that process, it may be time to seek out a program in this field.

Will Salary Be Comparable to On-Campus Degrees?

Education is essential for a coach’s earnings at any level in the industry. A bachelor’s degree may be a requirement for being hired, or it may help you obtain a bigger salary due to your advanced education in the field. Yet, where your degree comes from is less vital.

The quality of the school and the education itself is crucial. Some employers may look into the college or university you’ve attended to determine what you were taught and if the program is accredited. Doing this helps to ensure that the applicant for a position is qualified for the job. A well-qualified individual will be more valuable to a company hiring a coach and compensated as such.

As for how you learned – online or in person on-campus – that’s less important, and it is not likely anyone will know that you completed your coaching degree online. As long as you choose the right school to attend, there may not be any limitations to what you can earn in this field.

Why Choose University of the Cumberlands?

With coaching majors available, University of the Cumberlands is a viable choice for those who want to earn a competitive, in-demand degree in coaching. You can earn an online coaching degree from our bachelor’s program.
There are a few key reasons why you’ll want to choose this university over others.

  • It is fully accredited. That means it is recognized as providing a high-quality level of education for students who complete the degree.
  • You will take a wide range of courses to help fully prepare you for all aspects of a coaching career. That includes focusing on nutrition, leadership, fitness, prevention of injuries, and officiating.
  • It’s taught by highly skilled professionals. Get to know the faculty, and you’ll quickly see just how well-positioned they are to provide you with exceptional support.

When you take an online degree program like this, you gain the ability to learn in a way that works for your needs. You can count on fitting your love and desire to be a professional coach with your life as it is now, perhaps with some time limitations or the inability to live too far.

Learn More About University of the Cumberlands

Now is the best time to start diving in and learning more about your opportunities. Contact the University of the Cumberlands today to learn more about our coaching majors and degree programs. You can request information and get started on the path of your dreams in no time.